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I'm a crazy cat lady who loves some BL!! and other love stories too!!
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@SoulRaider116: we are wild and crazy!! But we're not two guys!! Steve Martin joke!!
@SoulRaider116: Leo?? Are we awesome or what!?!?
But does the somebody feel the same way?
Yuki seems emotionally done.
Ah! You let him!
Doesn't seem amused!
@SoulRaider116: I'll be 43 soon!!
If only your jacket would protect you!! And if only Gawain put a gps marker on you!!
I hope the next post has them both laughing hysterically!!
Real to life!! It's so easy to twist the wrong way. But my chiropractor will fix me back up!! But him being on vacation can't come see my chiropractor!! Squat. But then you'll be at eye level!! Wink wink!!
@raephium: yeah. They break all the rules!!
@SoulRaider116: sex is generally considered penitation. I don't think that happened yet. But I'm older so I consider things differently than others.
There are more chellos in the world!! Go get a new one!! You made a decision and stick with it!! That doesn't mean you don't have to leave Arco, you just won't get to see him as often.
@Quadrant: on second look. It seems he makes a sigh. Maybe one of relief!!
@MyInternetAlias: possibly a little jealous he wasn't there to receive!! But understanding that it's not his fault for being the one he kissed!!
Wait till they talk about who does what when they have sex for the first time!!! They'll barely be able to get a word out!!
Thankfully you seem to be a smart guy!!

Though fess up or take it to your grave??
@yasha.queen: oh and by the way. I'm so scared of frogs!!
Quiver?? You make him feel uncertain of his own abilities. You make him weak. But in a good way. He wants to make himself stronger for you!! He wants to protect you.