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He seems like the kind of guy who needs someone to control his life!!
I'm scared to comment.
I feel like step on a crack break your mothers back something needs to be said here!! Like the water is lava!! Oh wait isn't the water sludge that will form tentacles and kill you??
That was some setup!! You had all us fooled!!
Do you think she knows her brother enough to know he's crushing??
Arco. It's about time you got there!! Brynn needs you. You need to put him first.
Shooch crawls into Howie's lap and an then says 'then kiss me.'
So Gawain's guilt is immense!! Poor baby!! So how will Micah take this info. Will it change how he feels about Gawain??
Happy birthday!! If I had known I would have made you a cake!! I hope you have cake!! A birthday isn't a birthday without cake!!
Those bitches actually think they have a chance now??
Yeah I feel it happening now. Momo will tell Mimi that it was all to get back at Trashy. But Trashy will overhear it just like Mimi did. Trashy' world will come falling down. He'll never leave his room.
Honestly now I see Momo breaking both of their hearts. Mimi and Trashy.
Is this true!!

Runs off crying.
That seagull is annoying me just like the ones here in Florida!!
I brought extra clothes... in case we got messy!!
I bet the breathing on his neck is doing a number on him!!
Maybe he is sick or just feeling awkward!!
Someone is moving to fast.
@Mccull61: I think that is the essence of your generation!! Don't care about the functionality just as long as it's super cute!!