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seriusly... it looked like that XD
oh uh... if that is gonna continue being throwed till it comes to me... OUCH!
yup i know that from Stars legacy or whatever its called...
EDIT: both Riku and Psy is Admin... when i feel for making a comic that proves it...
... random... but that small rat is gonna pay after i wake up after fainting >:D
if you didnt know... that up-b atack is actually from cutter kirby >_>
oh well... why do i care?
isnt Adeleine a hell painter? she could easily beat it alone... without sctratches
Thats what i call even more ownage!
uhm... was'nt exacly how i imagined it it would be... but oh well... still funny ^^
now thats what i call ownage XD
Still dunno y people dont see this comic?
maybe because of the banner or title... dunno...
October 27th, 2008
Ill call (iniser the P-word here) for peter OwO
i can guess whos Kirby coming back with :3 readers: be suprised... i guessed what happens now ^^
not to annoy you but your text is small and hard to read... try 8 in size...
oh lol... even though he IS called Dr. light not prof. light... but meh... its your comic
you just got your first fan to this comic... i cant belive why people dont see this comic...
may i have your sprites please?
how are you supose to make comics with you withou i have the sprites?
oh well... congrats your the admin admin beside me...
DCO: YAY! you may join... if you ALSO make an enemy page...

Riku: Leaf square? you know that the 4th panel was a mistake... but you can join...

tah mighty egdehog gets to the egde...

just made fun of your misspelling XD
Fusion PUNCH! that was really close to be a falcon punch joke XD
oh lemme guess... i will now find in my goomba author comic that filler? or in the news... oh well... *checks*
uhm... i guess Nephinas gonna get angry... because she dont like to be called a shyguy... more a shygal
First monsters are here:
Circle family
Square family...

You may likely make monsters if you want to but then you have to post them as a comment or in the enemy page that comes soon ^^ (Electro please make one with these monster familyes involved)

They only have one pose each because they can only tackle >_>

EDIT: the reason of that in 4th panel i say leaf square and in 3rd and 6th i say plant... well... accident of the 4th panel ^^'