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If you wish to speak with me, take a look at my new profile ArcaneAxcell025.

Most solo comics on here are or will be cancelled, and most likely re-done.

Thank you, and have a nice day.
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Shit, I died?

Well fuck.

Does this mean I can't have any more cake?
B. Definitely.
Ohey my Silver sheet. I'll continue that soon.
I think they're hot for each other. *BRICK'D*
I just had to.

For those of you who don't get it... I'm too lazy to explain.
September 24th, 2011
Dis made me lol.
Head is majorly under-shaded. Other than that, it's good.
September 15th, 2011
Holy crap. Felix UPDATED?!

That's more surprising than me updating.
Roserade was better, but most people can't do Phione sprites for shit.
I like.
Fix the problems like Crea said though.
Besides the thing Xad mentioned, this is awesome. I thought it was custom before I saw the Sonic.
I'll post something once I stop being lazy.
>Sonic Authors Beach

Sounds like a rip-off of Sonic Author Beach Party, which was made years ago. And I'm currently in the process of re-making. Have been since... A while now. I'm lazy.
I think it looks pretty good. although the left arm could be a lot better, considering how tall he is.
This is Blade. A new character.
Name: Blade
Age: Not quite known
Species: Half-wolf, half human
Gender: Male
Short bio: Not much is known about Blade at the time being. He was at one point in love with this beautiful girl... But he was killed... He was re-born thanks to an Ethereal named Jade. The two actually share a body, but Jade is in control most of the time. Sometimes Blade can be in control while still taking the appearance of Jade. The necklace is a reminder of the girl he loves, and he hopes one day, he can reunite with her... Until then, he travels around with Jade, helping him out whenever he needs it.
This couldn't have been Anta.
He left.
How do I know?
He was in another chat with me, Amber, Sciina, and some others.
Also, Anta doesn't have a XAT account. That was Syeed.

In other words, your argument is invalid.
Jeffy X Aileen 4evr
+9000 respects for Anta.
Looks like 4 wins.

Also Chris, I fixed the hoodie. I'll show some time in the future.
1 - Current design, with slight changes. Sleeves removed (don't have them in real life) and hair streak gone.
2 - Revamp of last try at new design, most worn in the past while.
3 - One of my favorite old outfits.
4 - Giant ass hoodie, with a few interesting memories.
5 - My clothing that Great Ethereal was based off of.

Which one?
This is the worst Pixel Art I've ever made.
This is the worst thing I've made period.
Why did I even post it.
It's horrible.
Ifhi. :c