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I like your shirt.

Im just kidding. Keep up the good work. It doesn't matter if its this comic or a new work. Your artstyle and storytelling are amazing and I will follow every single project of yours.

See ya soon!
Oh, you cute son of a bitch. You really couldn't manage a cuter way to wake up Erika than singing to her, didn't ya?
Just a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.

Edit: Now that I think about it, you've been doing this comic for how long? Three years? I really want to know how do you plan Erika and Zeke friendship. Are they friends with a brother-and sister kinda view, or open to a possible. (far far future) romance depending on the circumstances? You run the script for them, so you are the only one who knows.

Just asking cause I saw the last The Walking Dead episode.

Rick and Michonne are a couple now in the TV series, but almost like brother&sister in the comics. It was really weird to see them kissing in the TV series. Not romantic at all. Just awkward as hell.
Just use the Pikachu
Man, just use Rat. He probably will get bodied by the Raichu, then you have a clean switch-in to Dragonthing.
That chin tho!! The Chin Clan would be proud vs7gdo1_500.jpg

Edit: I guess links are broken. Just delete the space between "gdo1_5" and "00.jpg"
Plot twist: The boeat really sunk. THE END.

Maaaaaaaan, why isn't April's Fool Day yet. That'd be an hilarious page.
722 pages, the exact number of Pokemon.

"Err, you are wrong. There's 721 Pokemon, you scumbag"

Nope, Magiana is the 722nd. GOT YOU.
What the hell?
Girl, "a couple of death pets"???

I am really sorry. I hope you feel better soon :)

And by the way, I can't stop laughing at Gengar and Chatot faces on the last panel.
That sailboat is HUGE! Also, love Zeke's face on the last panel.

And forgive me for my bad memory, but who the hell is that yellow Pokémon in the back? Is that a Fennekin?
I will never know
How that Oshawott managed to make a tie out of a simple bandana
@rym218: That's a fucking ton of job! I hope you don't get tired. I'd say to drop a bit the art quality, but you surely want to draw and paint better every time, so I really don't know. Most artists try to, for example, complete a page in 4 hours, doesn't matter how good or bad they are, and then practice. With time, the art gets better, and you do not have to sacrifice more free time than you have. Chiaki's Nuzlocke is a good prove of it. But then again, it is your comic. As long as you can handle your own times, we will be all happy. See you in the next page!

uh-oh spaghetti- o
Since the collar
I ship them. (not really, but still...)

You said he prefers male pronouns, dont judge me now!
He is getting badass!!
Finally we are getting some real Pokémon Trainer, and not a stupid complaining kid who doesn't know shit about his own world. NIce hoodie btw
-DoucheMask Guy
He is normal height. Normal weight. Uses normal clothes. Smokes normal cigarettes. Has normal Pokemons.

That Uxie really likes to use some difficult words.

"amalgamate conciousness" "head honcho" "orchestrator" "archetype"

God dammit. Better open my translator English-Spanish.
The mid pannel face is killing me. And yes, everyone was expecting what George was.