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The Almighty Weab Queen
hello im weab
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warning: do not try this at home, tiddles has trained very hard for many years and if you do this without training you might fall over and scrape your knee
if you're ever lonely you can grow a friend on your head

it's always a good idea and will make you very happy
this is how tiddleses are made

Also, April Fools to anyone who reads Amoerica. This isn't a replacement comic, just a side project.
setting your briefcase aflame is the correct response to lateness
there's not much to say here
but you should look out for traps
message from tiddles company
welcome to tiddles' adventure

i made this comic because i got really tired of amoerica

amoerica stresses me out, so im going to cancel it and make this deep, super cool comic instead

i think you will find it more educational than amoerica

i hope you enjoy tiddles' adventure, which is a comic about tiddles and his adventures
good gravy
I haven't updated Amoerica in two months! I admit it; I was procrastinating heavily and being lazy.

On the bright side... at least it didn't die or anything hahahahaha (quietly shoves pile of failed webcomics into closet)

In other news, the first voting incentive on TopWebcomics is (finally) up. It's a sketch of a scary psycho who has yet to appear...

EDIT - So the incentive broke, and I have yet to figure out how I can fix that... my apologies! For now, enjoy a fun broken picture. Honestly, that's a great incentive.
two times the updates because sleeping is for chumps
it's like 10:53 and i should not be awake but I didn't want to sleep so here's a silly stupid joke

tbh i'm probably not going to stick with the clothes russia's wearing rn
i mean
does putin walk around in a jacket, booty shorts, and cute russia flag stockings?
did you need that image in your head?

I also forgot to mention this in the last comic; but you can vote for Amoerica on Top Webcomics now.
There's no extra content for voters... yet.
I'm planning on having voting incentives like extra art, exclusive comics, and concept art for other countries.
NOW GO!1!1!one1!!1!

...russia looks like juvia from fairy tail and it's kinda weird
'Otaku' is an offensive term in Japan
And now you know
And knowing is half the battle
don't call people otakus ever especially yourself pal

Okay so whenever I finish up a strip, I name it something that allows me to identify the strip in my sea of files (lol) so I can upload it. For the previous comic, it was 'the boat,' and for the one before that, it was 'burger' or something idk BUT THE POINT IS it's always different from the actual title

except this time
because "watch your gosh diddly darn language" was too gosh diddly fracking darn frickity frackity fracking flipping diddly darn funny

and the manga japan is reading may appear as an orange book of orangeness but the word of god is absolute and i, god, say that it's rurouni kenshin because it's the absolute best </weeaboo fangirling>
research is for dweebs
Before it sank, the Titanic was heading for France, but along the way, it stopped by Ireland.
this is A FACT except that it didn't stop at ireland, it stopped at what would become ireland years later oops

but you know what sCREW IT
if polandball > history
then amoerica > > history ok ok

the last comic was really flipping huge, even after downsizing it, so i tried a smaller file size
i think i'm going to stay with this width because it works really well and doesn't exceed that goshdarn 500 kb limit

and the "HAIGH~" is not drunken speech, (...okay yes it is) it's a form of "hi" or "hello" in irish... according to google translate hAHA

the irish flag has really nice colors
...and there was moe.
And he saw that it was good. So then he sat back with his popcorn and watched as the countries did stupid things.

Okay so yay
i finally got around to making a webcomic
everybody clap your hands and pop your confetti cone things Amoerica exists now woop woop

Also, "hatschu" is essentially "achoo" in German.