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Like to read and play Sonic and Pokemon.
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Oh, so there's a THEM now?
When I first heard the name Lyric, I thought of a snake for...reasons that some of you would know. And it ends up still being a reptile.^^'
Wow. Out of all the legendaries to be evil. I never thought it would be mew.
Sure, don't check to see if the riolu is fine.
Shhhh! Do you hear that? I hear...nothing. The riolu is totally dead.😂 Wow. I'm an awful person.
Welp....he's dead. 😕
Two things.
1) So this reboot is the same plot only they evolved?

2)My oc/sona is a riolu, sadly. Though I can't wait until I'll get put it. Here's the info
Name: Emad
Gender: Male
Item: Harmony Scarf (from PSMD)
Extra: Brown eyes and has little forehead spikes.
Now where have I seen an evil slowking and the riolu as the main hero before?
@Thunder the shinx: I...think it's that creepy hooded cheetah from Dawn of the Dragon that we had to get the key from him.
My head hurts.....dear god shit went down...
What the hell is happening!?
@Woo: Fair point. And personaly........"why did i have to be a dream!?"
Something off topic
Hey uh Woo? Mind explaining your.......uhhh....recent drawings lately? I thought this was a clean comic with of cast of characters that would do.....uhhh......things.....
Man, I love this comic to my heart and soul. I can't wait for the intense drama.
Fair point. But, this raises another question, if I'm allowed to ask, do you miss Grovyle? If you got brought back, then shouldn't he too? (Yes, I've played the special episode)
I have a question for you Meemie, is the reason why you are so lazy us because you've stopped Darkrai and you think there's nothing to worry about now? Is that why you sleep all the time?
If it's one of the characters from the games, you know it's gonna be good.........yas......
Why must this happen to him!? ACK! *dies from crying to much*
This art
Okay seriously, how the heck were you able to be so talented and able to make so many facial expressions and making them drastically different from their normal Pokemon faces. It's so awesome and rare to see something like this.
Child Abuse at its peak right?