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Haha last chance. Well Hiro is being super dense about it so yeah.
Clearly upset there.
<3 Aaa, well he looks good. Haha.
Is he tried, or is it because he's worried about his pokemon being tired. Or about DT still not being back. Or maybe it's all three things. Lol.
I actually really like Gloom. I usually catch more than one odd to level cause of that. I want a Gloom and a Vileplume.

Vileplume's look cool but idk, I still like Gloom. Silly and cute. <3 Spaced out with lots of smiles. Aaaaa.
Is that a banana?
Colour~ and joy.

Lol, winter uniforms.
She on the footpath, hope no bikes come by.
TY Takashi's mother, for being so oblivious.
Cute. Holding two hands looooool.

@erieri: Sorry that happened. =v=
Oddish is so annoying to face though. xD It's badass. Lol.
Thought he would say he's sorry first! xD Cheesy, so cheesy but omg. <3
Oh wow, I forgot!! Hiro still thinks of this whole thing as friendship! xD Gosh, friendship bracelets would be the best.
I don't get it, you said you didn't like this one. OAO
Didn't expect this either. OwO
So nice. ;w;

I was just like "WOAH." when I read what Takashi said. xD
Hahha already knew this Kuro was the one he wasn't attracted to.
Haha, seriously no idea how he'll respond..

"No you get on the bed."


*obediently gets on the bed.*