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I have no talent.. now entertain me! D:<

Yay BL. Give me all your BL! o wo
September 6th, 2010
What a cool story. I've never seen one about Native Americans here on smackjeeves.. Or at all really.
Wheee stress lines~

Instant fav. <3
Last panel is awesome. jAj

Haha, no more glasses.
Cliff hangeeer. D: <3
Gah, my heartstrings. D:
I like the third panel, like Tyler is about to POUNCE.

.. I hope that doesn't make me creepy. xD;
Haha, neat concept for a stake. xD

I meant to comment this like in the first chapter. I just procrastinate like crazy. :l
Good to hear from you again. :D

Haha, batsnore.
I can't wait for it.

I already love Riley to pieces. jAj
I just finished reading your Shades of Secrets on deviantart.. friggin AWESOME. D: I can't even begin to get over how good a read that was. Need mooore.
Oh sweet, its on wiki. xD It came up in one of my discussion classes, thought the guy might have been joking but there you go.
Speaking of Tang's ingredients...

did you know if mixed with hydrogen peroxide it creates a liquid bomb? Or at least its a main component. All I know is it was used to make a bomb in the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot.
Haha. What a great line. :p
Funny how older Disney films are like that.. kinda just.. suggestive. xD
I'm so sxcited about this comic. > u<
I have Tang in my pantry. -sips- :]

I love how we always manage to ge back on the topic of Tang. XD
This is awesome. D: