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I'm what you're imagine.
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But... but what's this ? Could it be... a new page ?!
Let's go back into business !
This page seems so empty after all the architecture in the other one... it will be better in the next one.
Uuuurgh so much architecture... did I already told you I don't like drawing architecture ? Who like to draw that linear squary stuff anyway !
The city took me way too much time to do... urf.
Me and architecture.
Here's the page with the answer to life, universe and everything. Enjoy !
Hey guys, it seems like 10 years past between each page for me now but I actually am pretty glad with myself that I didn't stop the comic given the amount of work I have to deal with.
Thank you all for being patient. Love you !
September 30th, 2016
Wow, it's been a while ! To be honest with you guys... it missed me. I was really happy when I drew this page. I'm sorry for the delay the updates take now, but my school ask of me a lot of work so yeah... it's gonna be like this for quite a few months. My apologies.
It's been a while since the last entry, feel free to read again the last two pages because this one close the "Gaster Wingdings" part. Next page will be about our favorite little skelly who's still all tied up.
@catloverhatesu: XD thanks !
@Komjy: The answer is just under your nose :)
It has to do with the colours.
@Blakest: Nooh really ? Thanks a lot ! I'm so happy to be the one who gave you inspiration, I hope you will post this comic soon ! :D Kiss to you !
@MatrixMercenary: OOoo yes ! ^^
@Issy Bitty: that's what all this story is more or less about ! ;)
@LRisuchan23: noooh thank you ! You're adorable ! I'm super glad you love my little wingdings and my little gaster, they are my babies ! Love on you !
Love them. So much.
@Anon: Thanks man ! For both ! I'm gonna correct this typo, kiss in your face !
Lots of text for this one... and even more revelations.
@basia122: Hm... you're right, for what Wingdings is, he not have to have a shadow... Sorry for that, corrected it :)
But hey, you helped me find out a mistake, so thank you man ;)
*Tun-tun-tuuun* the return.