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Wow these two just don't stop arguing. Now I remember how poorly this guild did at getting along at first. Also you really don't hold back on the details with Rylan lol. I can even see what's in his pouches.
I love that you can see Alroth still laughing in that tiny text lol. Like geez Alroth it's not THAT funny.
Yipee Kama is back! I like how Daryn looks like she doesn't have any shits to give lol, and I'm also kind of impressed that you managed to get the angle to look right in the bottom right panel.
Awesome fight
It was awesome to see this fight in comic form. Seeing all these battles almost makes me wish that I made more of the characters train lol.
The fire attacks in this fight look awesome. Geez this fight is intense because of all the inner monologuing.
I'm hyped!
I was planning on only looking at the first page and then getting back to my work but I got hooked and read everything. I'm loving the characters so far and I can't wait to see the battles this comic has in store.
Gaynor looks badass
Can't wait to see this fight go down. So many mind games in this fight.