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@IomBur: Awww thank you so much! I'm doing new pages right now, I promise this hiatus will be over soon <3333
I like this panel sequence.

SO we arrive at the end of the 4th chapter! We've come a long way but this is only the beggining, honestly.

Chapter 5 will be on its way soon, and I hope I don't waste 5 months working on it again, hahaha.

PLUS, the cover of the next issue is already done, but I think I'll keep it a secret for now. I must say, it's the most beautiful cover I've ever painted!!!!

See you on the next chapter! Comments, suggestions, critiques, all are welcome.

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This was one of the hardest scenes for me to write. I hate having to make Carl look like a spoiled brat, but I kinda wanted to show the differences between each character and where they come from. Carl, being a kid that always had everything he always wanted, has a hard time seeing how things are not that simple for everyone else. So yeah, he can be pretty spoiled and petty sometimes.

But writing "embarassing" moments is REEEEEALLY hard for me ahahahah that's one of the reasons why it took so long for me to finish writing this chapter.

Oh yeah, surprise! Dora caught a Pidgey offscreen during their travel to Pewter. Her name is Gooseberry!

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"Team??? what the hell???"

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@Endulos: I like experimenting with new design ideas!
I won't answer any question abouy how this works. It just looks cool.

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Carl is such a joy to draw, honestly. I love to make his expressions!

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Dora's line on this page is my favorite from the whole chapter, hahaha.

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I'm really bad at backgrounds. That's one of the reasons I started doing the comic, so I could practice more!

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That's the page that shows how beautiful my son is. Just look at him.

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It's really hard to write cringy scenes for me - it took really long to finish that chapter because of this.

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@ParaFox: I'm glad you're liking it! <3
Trivia: this is my favorite page from this chapter. I just loved doing all of Dora's expressions, and I love to make her and Henry interacting.

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I hope you're not tired of seeing my children talk to each other, because I'm not.

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@ShadowStalker1128: Thank you so much! <3
@WiispNightmare: It did, ahahha <3

Also, English is not my first language, so I make some mistakes here and there occasionally
@WiispNightmare: Thank you! I must have hit the T one extra time by mistake, hahahah