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Natalia - 24 years - Illustrator - Designer
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    Natalia Funes Molina Zilio
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We're almost at the end!
I'M SO SICK OF DRAWING ONYX that's the sound Bubble makes
Bubble is a tough one, I must say
@Mystic Fire: she's something dfjhdjfh <3
@Mystic Fire: Dora doesn't let a bad hair day bring her down ahahaha

If Red Gyarados was really a colored comic, this would be the style I'd go for.

Don't worry, Dora, Henry got this.
Trivia: I haven't used any thinking bubbles so far. And I plan on keeping that way.
@Mystic Fire: he angery
Get'em, Charmie!

I know Metal Claw is not part of Charmander's early moveset anymore. I always thought it was a shame because metal claw was a clever way of giving the fire type a small advantage in Kanto's first gyms, since Charmander has a hard time at the beginning, compared to the other starters.

In Red Gyarados, Metal Claw can be taught to Charmander, but is not allowed in official battles in any region besides Kanto and Johto.
Way to go, Dora.
Geodude uses Spindash!

Wait wrong game
In which Dora's hair gets confused with the smoke

That's how Geodudes communicate right?
Sorry for the one page update! There's a perfect good explanation for this:

I forgot the fourth page at work.

(And I had a zine piece to finish this weekend so I didn't have time to do two pages anyway)

Enjoy! I'm slowly coming back to using screentones without overdoing it. Sorry for the inconsistency of balloons and middle tones, I'm still adjusting my process!