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Credits! I mean, I used stuff from other sources this time.

Se you in chapter 6!
Look, I'm a graphic designer graduated in Advertising. I need to use all that knowledge for something.
"But what is the THC?"
So! We finally reach the end of Chapter 5!

This chapter had a lot of exposition and little action - and I'm sorry for that. My pacing is really slow and I know that. I'm struggling to become better at pacing on my stories; I do that with my fanfiction as well, hahahaha!

The next chapter is already written and I'm already sketching it, and it'll be full of action to compensate for this one! Every Wednesday I do a Twitch stream working on the comic, so if you're interested in taking a sneak peak on what I'm cooking, follow me there!

I also put a lot of small previews on Twitter - if you're interested in seeing me complaining about life and posting Sonic doodles all day you can follow me there too:

Next week there will be a small epilogue for this chapter. It's different and kinda weird, but it's meant to expand a little bit of the lore and I had a LOT of fun doing this, so I hope you guys like it too!

See you next week!
2 to go!

I like this page a lot. I had to much fun inking the Rock Throne!

Look at this smug little shit
3 to go!

Awwww he's supporting her
@ShadowStalker1128: She finally has a fight to look forward to :D
Those pages were kinda lazy but I liked them. Expressions are fun!
lazy shadiiiing
@ShadowStalker1128: She's not going down easily
Dora having her shounen protagonist moment right here
Look at her glorious hair being glorious
Dora keeps dragging the poor thing here and there
Oh wait plot stuff! What the hell are they talking about?
@WiispNightmare: ah they're mine too, but I started this thing to learn what I lack on art, so let's make an effort hahaha
@ShadowStalker1128: she's too smol to be that angry
@WiispNightmare: Those are supposed to be empty pokéballs in storage hahaha! I don't think she would just leave pokémon scattered in storage like this