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Hello my name is LC. I enjoy reading comics, watching tv shows, hanging out on tumblr, and listening to music.
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I really love the background affect that you added on the first panel. It really illustrates the feeling but also looks really awesome
I'm SUPER interested to see where this conversation goes. I don't blame Ikita for being embarrassed that probably would have been my response too. I think it's really nice of Felix to go after him instead of just ignoring the whole thing.
@Realdandy: You're very welcome. Regular posting schedules are hard. I wish you all the luck with getting back into it!
Awkward (o///_///o)
Oh how awkward. She called Ikita a prissy brat in front of him. "I meant no offense" but it was still offensive haha Like this was an awkward moment anyway, I mean how can confessions of feelings not be but then she showed up and insulted Ikita. He must feel really crappy right now, I know I would.
Welcome back!
It's good to see more of this comic again! I'm really excited to see what happens!
I have to say I am so relieved this was the way it turned out. It would have broken my heart if this ruined their friendship(bromance)
I know this is an old page I'm just catching up and stuff
This page was everything haha I wasn't expecting this reaction but it is 1000% better than what I could imagine