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Giga TA
I'm always bored... That's about it...
Alright, seriously, name's Giga, I... Sometimes do comics, I'm more of a writer then a maker, but I do tend to stick something together every once in a while. Some like me, some don't, but it depends, but oh well.
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I saw the page and had to reread it all again, so you better continue now!
I am already queuing outside the office, eagerly awaiting the return!
Well, according to last night, that ain't happening, but hey, men can dream.
Huh... Whoops.
I would cameo in your comic, though I could take a stab at what my dialogue would be :P... Plus I don't actually have that old god awful sprite sheet anymore...
A roommate who randomly molests? Sounds perfect, can he replace one of mine? :3
Aww, I'm not sure if I should feel bad for him or not... Currently, I'ma go with no >w<
O_o Oh my, I think I've just been blinded
Yay it's back and not dead! Wow, who knew he'd be so... "Me me me"
Woo yay! Good to see it back, lets see how lucky he is heh.
Giga TA
August 23rd, 2008
Wow, that must suck D= Losing them in your room *knows that feeling*... Where the hell did I put that damn plushy, I shall never know... Anywho, poor Taki, he will never be the same again XD
Definitely wasn't expecting the new first page. And the drawing style is incredibly awesome, like straight out of a manga book. Can't wait for more =)
I'd comment about this... But I'm still hurt, how can you make Plusum evil ;_; he has cat ears! He's not allowed to be evil by law! My law!
How could you D= Why does he have to be evil! You're a meanie! *shakes fist*
Wow, so many characters doing stuff at once makes my head spin lol.
Meep, glares are hurtful o.o
*finally catches up on reading all these* You update too fast, stop it lol!

Eee! This has changed so much since I started reading it and I'm liking it a lot >w< Can't wait to see more!
Oh, and hi again *waves*
'So, are you sure if defeated Breaker...'

Woo! Pointing out Typos is fun!
Awwwwwww, that's adorable... Except, y'know, without the blood ^^;
Wow, I've followed this for a while and I'm getting confused here ^^;
Blah, how's it wrong? Is it wrong for a guy to love a guy? No. Is it wrong for a guy to love his brother?
Well, yes, but either way it's hot!
It's not wrong, it's love!