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Oi, I'm Casseh. =P
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I would have never thought of him as a coach...but then again, it makes all the sense in the world! ^___^;;

BTW, I'm sixteen! *punches air*

Wonderful job on the comic!
I want to know who the gym coach is...and what lies between him and Sephiroth...*shiftyeyes*
Ponytail! =3
OH! He looks so hot...0___0;;
With the shorts...and the ponytail with the RIBBON! And no anatomy failure at ALL! *drools*
Gym Coach?
I wonder who that could be...must be someone interesting if Zidane thinks Sephiroth would want to go to gym to see 'Coach'...

And Seph in gym shorts? *___*
Second Pannel!
OMG, Vincent in the second pannel was like, *drool*

And that cat gets cuter and cuter!
Awesome page, Enkida. You love to draw toes? I seem to be able to draw almost any other part of anatomy with the exception of toes! ^____^;;
First Comment!
Wow...Bashiya looks so pretty...*stares*
Way to go, Enkida! I'm so glad you're better!
First Comment!
Awesome job on this page, Enkida! Now, just make sure to get some rest!
I'm totally fangirling over Borah...but do you notice how close Vincent is standing behind Yuffie! *giggle*

Great job with the adorable (yet kinda scary) fire kitties!
Casseh Valentine
December 19th, 2007
I've been following this comic for a while and I love it! I am an official Kyel fangirl! Keep it up!
First Post!

I totally got the shivers when I saw this page...Borah is so creepy and malicious. 0___0
Great job, Enkida!

Hey, doesn't Nanaki (in that last panel) look suspiciously like Kenshin Himura off of Ruroni Kenshin? ^___^;;
Anywho, it is good to have you back, Enkida! I did NaNoWriMo too!
And Andygoth, awesome coloring on the first page! *glomp*
*first post*

<3 Borah's color scheme. ((Although Nanaki will always be my favorite kitty!))
ZOMG Vince's face in the last pannel! *squee* And she bonked heads with him! *giggles*
Man, I knew that all this was going to turn into a fantastical squee-tastic moment! It's kinda funny how they were all mad at eachother a moment ago. ^___^;;

Also, I agree with Valentine somewhat. I'm not accustomed to a 'smiling' Vincent, but it is one of those rare moments when it seems to suit him.
<3 the bolder lines around Yuffster. But oh noes! Her legs! Hopefully Vincent will fuss and fanservice will insue. *prays*
Red Duck! *joke*
*punches air* Last pannel was teh lurve.

Psh, yeah!