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Hiya, call me Wiisp or Nightmare or WiispNightmare but not Night.
I'm really not that great at art but I'm working on it, I'm getting better (I think)
I like insanely long conversations and stories, and my dream job is to be an animator.
But I have to first work on my art, which is why I'm here.
Also I have like five IRL friends so I'm super glad I've found so many on here :D
My comics' art stinks as well but I think the stories are good, so buckle down and pull through with me, hahaha

My main comic is PSMD The Search, but I've joined a couple groups and I'm helping other people get their stories out as well!
If you want to see my traditional notebook doodles check out Gathering.
Um I also like Pokemon and cats and I'm rambling so *throws Pineapple at you* BE DISTRACTED BY THIS FLUFFEH HYPER SKITTY G'BYE Y'ALL
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You attempt to distract them with a joke, but it's weak. It makes the silence afterwards worse.
Nana starts suddenly. "Oh no, was it, um, someone really bad?"
Kane thought about this. "Well I mean... There's not really anyone to partner you with, is there? Most of the others are taken..."
"Oh, oh, was it, uh, Ja?" cries Nana.
Snoice tilts his head. "Who?"
"Yikes. She's the cook, and the healer, and the most foul-tempered 'mon here, except maybe Stryder, but Walter's already stuck with him," says Kane.
Nana looks at you worriedly. "I'm so sorry. Uh, that's gotta be awful..."
Do you
A) Tell them it's not Ja
B) Nod forlornly
C) Say its no big deal
D) say nothing
Why is it that Hydreigon are always the ones who get frozen in ice and then shattered into nothing?
@WildfireK: I would nope outta the room
But you don't get that option
You invite him to sit with you.
He looks surprised, but obliges. "Sure."
He sits against the wall. Nana shifts awkwardly in her bunk. "Um. So. What's your name?"
"Snoice," he says, and groans as he moves his arm.
Kane makes a sort of laughing noise. "That'll be sore for about a week. Did you get your mentor?"
Snoice nods, and winces. "Yeah. His name is Saeran, he's an Absol."
Kane closes his eyes. "Mine is Ahnold. He's really grumpy and slow."
"Uhm, my mentor is okay, I guess," Nana volunteers, "but a bit bossy. Who did you get?" She's looking at you.
Do you

A) Tell them Mem-mem didn't give you one
B) Make a joke and distract them
C) Say nothing
@WildfireK: I didn't mean to type boopy oops
I meant noopy
Which is the noise I make when I see a wasp
you gotta have that scope to see it
@WildfireK: hey >:O
stripey wipey diapey snipey hypey ripey typey yipey wifey knifey spoopy loopy poopy Snoopy boopy Jupey (how dare u) bloopy moopy hoopy troopy toupey coupey groupey whoopy Rupee troupey Yippee Oopsey soupy dupey goopy sloopey zoopy boopy froupey
Rabbit you are strange
I remember them

pretty eye melting *pineapple'd*
@WildfireK: stripey WIPEY (oops) diapey snipey hypey ripey typey yipey spoopy
@WildfireK: stripey wipery diapey snipey hypey ripey typey
I think Echo's tail needs to be fluffier.
But that might just be me.
@WildfireK: Don't be overcome by the raaaaage
play like your life's not a staaaaage
@WildfireK: dirty baby killer
and Majnus Sea Princess
Arghhh so complicated
I can't access my computer I can't do ANYTHING ARGHHH