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^^Fantabulous Profile Pic^^
By meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
sometimes I feel s pa z zzzy

Poyo fren my name is Nightmare!
You can call me Nightmare.
But not Night.
She's an oc hahaaa
I'm an artist (if you can call me that) who is not really that great but that's why I'm here- to practice!
My main thing is Gathering, which I call an art dump but honestly I just dump everything there: songs, poems, things, songpoemthings, doodles, requests, comics, and probably some more stuff that my peanut-sized brain prevents me from recalling :D
I also have a Q&A for Gathering, there's a little system set up- feel free to ask! (no seriously get your posterior over there)

But anyways
You don't want to hear about me, right?
Well then get outta here, that's literally what this is for


I'm kind of addicted to plot
Books are my food source
except I don't actually eat them

My laugh is always changing

I forgot what the point was

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You can't run from a trainer battle atty
And as a waiver
Like, you literally gave me your emotion no takebacks >:0
What did that teacup ever do to disappoint you Kalvin
@ultrawandit: okay but I have to finish thinking about every aspect and detail rip
@Mahira: very legit

It's okay, he's the hero, this'll work out
To be fair he's not Kalvin
Run, snas, you need to beat the ghost record
Shhh rivers empty into ponds it's fine

Okay but

Link why
@HarrisonButterGem: well Shpii was pretending? To be?? The little vee for me??? Because she had a better grasp of her personality back then
But I've made a couple changes now

But anyways
I mean
That she's related to other characters in Gathering that show up pretty frequently, especially compared to others, and I guess I didn't make them similar enough because you all should have recognized the resemblance as soon as I posted the picture of the little vee.
He really is, kittyblook.
@HarrisonButterGem: honestly like as soon as I put up the picture of our little character I hoped someone would make the connection but my hopes were in vain rip
You don't run fast enough ;w;
Hello I'm writing because the thoughts in my head are spinning so fast I don't feel good so maybe putting them somewhere else will help
It kind of hurts but I hope you like it

Little puppet
Lovely mask
Open up it
Is your task
Little puppet
Lovely mask
Open up it
Is your task

Wood and cloth and string to stitch
Don't you be an ugly snitch
Paint and scraps and color dye
Don't you go and tell a lie

Looking pretty, pretty dead
What is whirring in your head
Looking deadly, deadly dull
What has got your tongue, you fool?

Thread and sew, oh don't you know
You're just a puppet, puppet child
And though you scream
There is a seam
You seem to dream too wild, too wild
Sew and thread, what have you said
You're just a puppet, puppet child
You have no name
Always the same
Insane from pain too wild, too wild

Little puppet
Lovely mask
Open up it
Is your task
Little puppet
Lovely mask
Open up it
Is your task

You're not like the rest my dear
Don't you be spreading fear, no fear
Pretend your best and ace the test
You'd better, better, better LEST

Looking lovely, lovely blank
Later you'll surely thank, yes thank
Looking blankly, blankly stare
They'll never know you're there, not there

Thread and sew, oh you will know
You're just a mask, a masking child
Simply pretend
And simply blend
You bend or rend too wild, too wild
Sew and thread, nothing you've said
You're just a mask, a masking child
Nothing to sing
Nothing to bring
A broken spring too wild, too wild

Little puppet
Lovely mask
Open up it
Is your task
Little puppet
Lovely mask
Open up it
Is your task

Can't survive without but it is
Breaking you within

You want to rip it off but you don't
Know where to begin

Too tiring to try and you are
Trying to be tired

It's like they came together and
Maliciously conspired

A smile upon your face and then
A name you cannot place and then
A laugh that's always there and then
A life that's just unfair and then
A frown behind the edge and then
A step off of the ledge and then
A tear that's held inside and then
A death you're forced to hide and then

Little puppet
Lovely mask
Open up it
Is your task
Sew and thread and
Thread and sew
Doomed to strings
Too long ago
@HarrisonButterGem: hmmmm um you're an eevee

And your family is in Gathering?
Irony is a skeleton thing, more oftenthan not.
Screech of epic proportions
The anime run (tm)
It's probably illegal to giggle this much