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Hiya, call me Wiisp or Nightmare or WiispNightmare but not Night.
I'm really not that great at art but I'm working on it, I'm getting better (I think)
I like insanely long conversations and stories, and my dream job is to be an animator.
But I have to first work on my art, which is why I'm here.
Also I have like five IRL friends so I'm super glad I've found so many on here :D
My comics' art stinks as well but I think the stories are good, so buckle down and pull through with me, hahaha

My main comic is PSMD The Search, but I've joined a couple groups and I'm helping other people get their stories out as well!
If you want to see my traditional notebook doodles check out Gathering.
Um I also like Pokemon and cats and I'm rambling so *throws Pineapple at you* BE DISTRACTED BY THIS FLUFFEH HYPER SKITTY G'BYE Y'ALL
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Whoa you did
That's so shnazzy
@WildfireK: oh I'm a fwoof
I thought I was an ultraviolet
Species are confusing
@WildfireK: you're right your drawings always look good
@TheMewgon40: Pumpkin stared in admiration. "Whoa, I wish I could do that!"
Spice nodded. "Mmhm, I call him Kinny and he calls me Spyspy. What's your name?"
@RealBoxTheEevee: she's an alternate Frisk c:
Not to mention everyone eats each other technically. We don't see much of that in PMD games, but... y'know, in some of the more realistic webcomics it's a very emphasized factor.
*THIS time cx
@TheMewgon40: kokiedokes!
*whistles piercingly*

A pudgy orange-toned Skitty kitten dashes over, followed by a graceful, soft-brown-toned kitten with curly fur. They both notice Jackie right away with different reactions.
Pumpkin sniffs at her. "Hiya! Who're you?"
Spice rolls her eyes. "Pumpkin, for Solgaleo's sake, calm down and don't scare her." She studies Jackie and smiles. "How do you do? Don't mind Kinny."
This looks really bad but it's what I ended up with.
If you want me to redo it on a day when I can actually draw, it's no issue.
She's too cute not to draw all the time ♡
When you draw and it almost looks good
Like pretty much everything rip
If you had a digital request and wanted to change it to traditional, let me know.
Otherwise, all requests at the moment are traditional only!
This is what I do for hours on end
Goshdarnit Pokemon can't you do anything about these countless disasters
Even if the disasters look gorgeous in your art style
I simply adore how the lining faded out and it's just that silky paint :D
I know several people who will scream when I show them this ;3
Darn oranges, always causing trouble
Tangerines are so much more civilized
January 18th, 2018
Still doesn't make me stop feeling bad about not being able to help XD