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^^Fantabulous Profile Pic^^
By myself. Behold the trash.
This is patch and there's a lot of scarf

I'm Nightmare

Yes I know it's generic nobody cares

Go away I'm about as interesting as a couch pillow
And as useful
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    People call me all sorts of things
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Fhahfjand that's canon now
Halley what are you doing oh no
Darn! So close to a soft landing!
Your best friend
They're always renovating the place. Can't be helped.
Flowey can u not
Got a double!
OHH NOOOO,,,, poor big bab. Now he's a fancy coat.
You're mean >:c
Like i was chill and then I saw this-
Reality check... through the sk-*shot*
Dhshdjs I'm still super hyped the moment i see this
saibh internally shrieking but not
I love all of them I can't even
Sans can
Can you not
The child is beyond confused please
@ultrawandit: who and what is this person I'm fear
It's okay I was already mostly sad