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^^Fantabulous Profile Pic^^
By myself. Behold the trash.
This is patch and there's a lot of scarf

I'm Nightmare

Yes I know it's generic nobody cares

Go away I'm about as interesting as a couch pillow
And as useful
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    People call me all sorts of things
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And it still starts with D.
Alliteration is important.
Staring at basil is useful
@HollyTheFluffyCat: ahe,,,,hehe sure

Just mutilate your clothes with salty water
@ultrawandit: aaaaa more people like this bab than I thought,,,,,,,,
@ultrawandit: shh I'm participating in the lie
It's a very happy face
A true punch line
@Glitchionius: hlej you can't die, what about luci and bryce
@Gore N the GUYS: big birb friend is big and birb and friend uwu
@HollyTheFluffyCat: I'm not pretty in the first place so my ugly cry is like. Scary to children whoops
Would that mean that all Glaceon and Leafeon have a special connection to legendaries?
@Bow is too lazy to log in : zygarde hexagon
Say hiiiii

My friend has agreed to write a story for it I'm so hyped
Aaa I love her sweater,,,,,,
Wow ghost kitty is relatable,,,,,,,
Gbye ket we loved you but there's a crazy lady about to kill you rip
Look at that happy face
Time spent well
@hade: all your bread is mine
I also cry but I don't look this fabulous
@hade: your sona belongs to me now

You can keep the eevee vessel