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Well Hello there!
I'm Lici-A and Lici-Z
I have been drawing comics for a long time now (mostly which were fancomics) but I decided to let every one have a gander at my personal abilities.
So ya, I enjoy: drawing, writing stories, literate rping, cosplaying,
GOOD anime and etc.
I do spend most of my time drawing and rping though.
Of course I am a student(an I.B one none the less)
I have deviantart account here:
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Merry X-Mas to you too!
Sven will love that broom forever (or until he breaks it lol)
You are awesome
You've inspired me to hurry up and put up my page! Thank you!
Alexander is a manly manly seme! :3
His hair is so suave 0 3 0
Manly Manly sideburns :D

HA! Tyco got burned!!!!! XD
Manly Theo in short shorts
Kudos for working through the pain!!!!!! :3
I second with Ace
Nude studies for everyone!!!!!!!
He'd be...Jennifer Lopez?
"I'm not Mexican! I'm Pureto ricon!"
I dunno gosh XD
lol you can almost see Theo's butt XD

Jaime is so adorable in the 2nd panel :3
I don't want it to die either
I just need to post my darn page! >.<
awwww well that's okay
that pikachu scares me...
What indeed is that thing????
XD why is voltorb sooooooo OOGLY?!?!?
so cute!
anyways I promise that I'll update with Sven tomorrow!
Its alright!
The page was really crappy anyway XD
I know I waited a long time...
Sorry but....but I was just about to post a page >_>
which would have continued Sven and Al's encounter...
Welcomeback wafflez!
but what will kenneth as for compensation?!?! :o