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Rune Knight
Currently working on a homebrew project that adds about 350 Pokémon evolutionary families (all the non-legends) as player races for D&D 5e.
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@guess who:
I think Jim's making it a monthly thing. In fact, I'm going to make myself a calendar of his avatars. Starting with this beautiful piece of "NO-THANK-YOU".
And some people say Navi doesn't have quality advice.
I predict especially bad times for Link in the shadow temple. Because look at the trend that's going:

Forest temple - Sariah
Fire temple - the gorons, here
Water temple - probably Ruto will still be there
Spirit temple - Nabooru could easily be spun as a creeper

So, I'll let everyone's imagination fill in what might happen in Whatever's shadow temple.
You gotta play to your strengths, and Francis's strength is strength.
Any bets on whether this is a scam as well?
That twist!
Nah, I'm sure it's okay that there's blood on the scarf. That means it's got street cred, now!
It's not a retreat, he's just advancing in the other direction.
Would it be better to imagine her as a Yorkie?

Actually, she should probably be worried more about that extra joint showing up in her right foreleg, than the coat...
"This is starting to feel like a really weird dream..."

Yeah, everything looks so much smoother and hand-drawn. It's kinda creepy. Probably should get out of there.

Good page though.
I thought they were 3-D glasses at first, but what's on the page looks like it's going to make more sense.

Maybe I'm biased, but... nice gear, you two. I can always respect the guards out there.
Hope you feel better soon, too.
I can understand not wanting to do this forever, but I wouldn't say fourteen pages is bad. The wallmasters had some pages that were well worth it. All the poe sisters had a page, and it's good to get other characters in on the humor. Can't have Link and Navi hogging all the spotlight with one type of funny.

Or maybe the forest temple just has that much going for it?
@Dragon Master:
Hey, it's an important skill to master for the gentleman on the go.

Who knows what sorts of bow-tie threatening situations our heroes will get themselves into?
The Taj Mahal? How cultured of you, Amy!
@Guess who:
What I had meant was: If this was an actual place, why was there tiling between the fake ceiling and the real ceiling where no one would be able to see it?
It's a ghost ceiling?

Personally, I've always wondered why the tiles are on top of it (where you wouldn't see them normally), and the bottom has the unworked texture.
This may be a silly thing to appreciate, but who else noticed the not-doorknob before reading this?

Yeah, much better than most PMD houses. I think the last one had you living in a tree stump for a while.
"Wait, you kids... aren't kidding?

"In that case, let me laugh even harder!"