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I am an aspiring game designer and also a fiction writer.
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Luna's definitely pushing on the strategy side of things. I sense a Luna vs Xero conflict, because one's very clearly good and the other evil.

Also Daisuke, Bulma's probably not the best person you should listen to when it comes to Survivor. xD
@Timeheart: I dunno, I feel like Anger could whip up a mean filet.
@coolkyledude: I do like a lot of your thoughts on the cast. A likable cast for sure, and an interesting one. Daisuke... the cheerleader... oh lord. xD

Luna I think is going to be that one character that the maker said "They need 1-2 straight shooters to balance out all the crazy". Or there'll be a Good vs. Evil thing going on in the superheroes tribe, at the same time as them going up against the other tribe. xD Man, fighting on the inside and on the outside...

... I think it just clicked for me on how the superpowered tribe could lose a lot.
@RiceAndBeans: Yeah I know. I've seen the seasons where he threw the concept of edgic out the window. I'm just kind of a nerd in the sense I like charts, so in turn I'm weirdly fascinated by edgic and how it works. xD

But I know he does whatever he wants to strive for a good story. I respect that.
Brandi is definitely going to be a front runner for her tribe. This is the second page straight (out of two pages), minus the preview, where I got a CP vibe from her. She's talking strategy, thinking strategy, looking at the Normals vs Super Powered tribe with rational and realistic viewpoints. She has a lot going on up there.

Also, why do I get this disturbing feeling that you're bringing up the unfairness of normals vs superpowered in their conversations a lot because you're going to flip the script and have the superpowered tribe lose a majority of the challenges? xD
@SWSU-Master: Should, of course, being the key word. xD
And so it begins! Definitely going to keep an eye on these characters. Brandi seems like she could be promising with her CSI skills.
@Vilecheese: If I was going to make any premature guesses before the season started, I want to guess that one of the "normals" will win, maybe to push the cliche that a normal person could triumph over someone that on paper is superior in all ways through sheer will and skill alone. Kind of like a Rock Lee (hard work) vs Neji (naturally gifted) sort of comparison.

Also kind of doubt Xeradonus will win, probably going to make one hell of a villain for the season though.