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Hello thar. Pity my newbie comicking skills.
I'm not particularly interesting, but I hope that won't stop you from taking a look at my meager little smackjeeves offering.

Also, the best pick-up line ever: "Your eyes are really pretty. Are they real?"
September 15th, 2009
Oh wow. I kind of love this. Your style and design is fantastic, and I reeeeaaallly want to see more.

You should update!
Hello! I'm from San Jose, California, but I've been pretty much everywhere in the U.S., and now I live in New Mexico.
I'm old enough, but still too young to do anything fun, and I am very, very queer. :3
Pretty much the only things I do are go to concerts (of all kinds~), make clothing, and go to school. Fun!
April 27th, 2009
She's very pretty. :>
Just last summer, I went to California and visited with a bunch of people I hadn't seen for about four years (since I moved away, in other words).

My favorite reunion out of all of that was the funniest one: A friend of the family came to help out my sister and me clean up some things. He came in and said hello, expecting a hug from me, but I didn't even recognize him! I sort of stared at him blankly before going back to my work, and eventually my sister came over and greeted him. I did remember him by the time he said goodbye, but what makes that reunion funnier still was that when I was a little girl, I (apparently) had a huge crush on him! It's a silly memory I hold fond.
Wow! Your art is just incredible, with fantastic shading, anatomy- really, everything is wonderful.

And that's not even mentioning the awesome plot you already have going that makes the reader want more!
This is so gorgeous, and the comic just draws you in...

I can hardly wait for the next page!
Wow! This was just... incredible! With lovely twists and turns, and, ultimately, an unexpected but brilliant ending!

Well Done!
Ohmigod! I love the headlines and the news down at the bottom of the screen! <3
this page is love <3
just to let you know, "vertues" is spelled virtues.
Rather, I find this beginning very intriguing, and it makes me want to know more, which is not a bad thing. :)
It's not boring- rather, it's very intriguing and makes me want to know more. And that's a good thing. :)
Cliff-hanger, no! D:

But, regardless of how you feel about it, I love the page~
Wow, this comic is just lovely! And your characters are interesting...

I can't wait to see more!
Wow. I adore your style; it's so unique! It's like a wonderful blend of Roman Dirge and...something else, but something good! Can't wait for more~
April 25th, 2008
The senility finally getting to ya, Bruce? XD