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fuck off you ugly motherfucking cunt <3
aw ;A; poor Daddy

You have a cute style. ^^
Uh.. >.>; hi, sorry I’m not as active as I should, things have been busy for me so I have little time to draw cause my school days are like 9 hours long till April, and family life has be rocky. But gezz, I missed two holidays D; bummer! Anyway I figure that each holiday must get excited for there big day, but who cleans up after them. (I’m sorry if it’s a stupid thought. ^^; ) I hope it’s not too small to read. >.>; well, I’mma go do my papers then go pass out, night all. ^^
It's ok, I was just totally not ready for this. ^^;
Aw, he's so cute! But such a skittish little guy. ^^
Itoshii: Thank you! >///< I'm glad you like him!

Silence: lol >:D
Be gentle with me
Uh, I hope you all like him, it took a while to color. His name came to be because I was listing to the Dresden Dolls while sketching him out, and Micah cause my friend and I were like “paranormal activity!!” And thank you in advance for putting up with me. ^^
Uh, are you guy still accepting application? Because I’d love to be Easter. >///<
I'd have to say bitter sweet end ^^
Aw, this was really cute yet has left me with a sorrow feeling, poor Kiku ;A;.. You have very love art. ^^
December 4th, 2009
Welcome back
Aw! She’s so cute all flustered! XD
I just found this comic as well. It’s a really good read, it’s interesting, and the art is fantastic! Phenomenal job! And sleep well. :D
Nice page, his mom's hair is really pretty! O3O Hope you get better soon.
I read this whole comic in one day, and it just made my entire day. Keep up the phenomenal work. >.<