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@amberxsupernova: Death by fashion. I respect that.
I once got frostnip on my toes, because I decided to wear my most stylish winter boots outside in -31C (I think that's -23.8F). haha, I was only outside for 20 minutes. :P
@redmarielle: This is really putting the farming aspect of the story in perspective for me. Yikes!
90-100F/32-38C (or higher) sounds like hell.
@redmarielle: Thanks for the info!:D I always assumed that places like Texas were constantly above 30 degrees year round.
It's funny for me to think about Texas having cool days. Even though I'm sure it's true - it feels like an oxymoron! :P
Kaylee is wearing a tuque. I’ve been wondering about this for a long time. Since Kaylee is in Texas wouldn’t wearing a tuque be suffocating? Even the layers-how is he doing that? I live in one of the warmest cities in Canada and tuques are usually gone the second were above zero.

I’ve noticed this in American movies as well. How do Americans in places like California and Texas etc wear layers and hats? Where I live, today was around 15°C at the warmest and most people were out in (on average) a light sweater and jeans. I even saw some folks walking around in a t-shirt and jeans.

If any Americans in hot states can explain this to me that would be awesome!
@ShadowThorn: Except that these words don’t exist out of context. They come from a very abusive place. That’s not something we can easily separate – just like the word ‘f*g’ I used in my previous example.

Also, ‘seme’ and ‘uke’ are very obviously homophobic stereotypes. ‘Seme’ is coded language for the man of the relationship, while ‘uke’ refers to the woman. Why are we bringing heteronormativity into a gay relationship?

It is also of my own opinion that placing people into boxes is rather stifling. People are more dynamic than just ‘seme’ and ‘uke’ or any other checklist that we put people in.

I’d also like to sneak in that I never called or implied that Kim was abusive. I was commenting on where his behaviour may have come from. And why it's problematic.
February 23rd, 2018
You are definitely one of my favourite artists, and storytellers here on the internet!

Every single time I get the privileged to see an update my day gets brighter.

Everything about this comic to me is perfect. I love every single element! From the art, the dialogue, to your very lovable characters. I’m also digging the aesthetic (like your very first pages got me hooked).

Seriously, thank you for sharing your wonderful work with the world!
@ShadowThorn: I definitely agree that we still have to wait and see where this goes - I did say that in my original comment.

I still, however, have problems with people using the ‘uke’ and ‘seme’ language that I initially brought up. If rape is something that people are completely against why use terms from a genre that support it?
It’s like if a person were to tell me that they’re 100% against homophobia, but would then go around calling people ‘f*gs.’
@Hoagie: I’m really glad comments like this are popping up. Especially with the way, Kim displayed his ‘alpha’ behaviour.

Rough sex is not inherently the problem, it’s dependent on the context. In this context I find Kim’s behaviour to be very indicative of toxic masculinity (which can be the result of living in a society which is incredibly homophobic and sexist).

The way Kim automatically made the decision that he would be ‘top’ is totally a red flag. First off, no one likes a partner who is so stringent on playing one role. It’s boring, and usually means they’re focused solely on their own pleasure. It may also highlight how that person perceives power dynamics. Such as implying that ‘bottoming’ equals loss of power. To some men penetration = feminization. (You see this kind of rhetoric with lots of homophobes).

We still have time to see where the comic takes us, and how the author handles the situation.

So your sense of not being cool with Kim’s behaviour makes a lot of sense.

However, I have my doubts about most commenters. Especially the ones who throw the words ‘seme’ and ‘uke’ around. From my own experience of reading yaoi, its safe to say that the genre is 99% made up of abusive relationships and rape. When I see people throw these words around it tells me that they’re okay with abusive relationships and rape.
@redmarielle: That makes sense! Thank you. :)
Does anyone know if Kylee's tumblr counts as canon? Cause he mentions sleeping with other people a couple of times. Or is he like embarrassed about the amount of people he's slept with in comparison to Kimrick. Sorta like slut-shaming himself?
According to AT p.52 that apple is going to hurt a lot. >:D