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Patrick is such a kind, selfless and gentle person, I don't know how we ever doubted him. He must feel SO TERRRRRRIBLE about this.

*single tear*
@Sir Naff:

Rear end located and grasped
@doomsdaymydear: Yes, please enjoy it. Enjoy it as many times as you want. We'll just sit here and eat popcorn until you've finished.
Oh hi Bowden, long time no see.

Been reading Fahrenheit 451, and the mood of the last panel seems strangely appropriate.
February 16th, 2019
I'm sure nothing will happen.
December 15th, 2018

eta: in case that wasn't clear:
September 15th, 2018
The words are getting... redder.

Everything's probably fine.
Bimm's face in the last panel may be my favourite thing in this entire comic.
Oh, I love the composition on this page.
Ssshh, it's just illegal alcohol. Sshhhhhhhhhhh.
I'm conflicted. The happy-new-pages feel runs headlong into the but-its-so-sad feel and then the oh-god-its-ending collides with the but-an-ending!!!which-is-good!!!!! feel, and now I don't know how to feel.

...I had a similar experience when I read Terry Pratchett's last novel. Like my heart had been sat on.

(P.S. rereading that sounds a bit reproachful - it's not, it's my normal reaction to when anything I like is ending.)
It's been a privilege to read this; thanks so much for sharing it with us. Much better to end on a high note (if the term is applicable in Nuzlockes) than to crawl on unto death. Looking forward to whatever comes next!
You could make the remainder of this comic solely about trees, and I'd still read it.

Mmm, branches.

Y'know that thing when the wee little dog starts barking at the big dog and you just
stop it
you were not made for this
Shhhhh, she's all right. Soft water, soft water, please be soft water.
OOOOOoooooooh that's gonna sting.
Wait, you have a webcomic? How did I not know this
*exit stage right*