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Sweet jebus! OxO
Nekki can be frickin' scary when they wanna be! <XS

Oh! I hope we get to see Scary!Nekki looming over Gram in the future! >B3
March 22nd, 2018
PFF! Jeez! XD
Pilot, you colossal dork! X3
LADIES SETTLE DOWN! You're all very pretty!

Damn, they bicker more than my parents before the divorce. ^~^;
Show of hands folks!
Who hopes the situation ends with a party celebrating Gram getting Court Martialed with a Gram PiƱata and everything? *raises hand*
And Andrew delivers a blow below the belt to the King Douche! X,D
OMFG!! I'm dying over here!! X,DD ROTFLMAO
Teri... You forgot a few people
What about your friends? And Stella? I doubt they think like that. Not to mention your pals, except for Bee, are detained until further notice!
Omg! Hey, why not keep him as the Club Pet? Humans have pets after all! X3
-Opens an Anti-Gram booth-
We got Pitchforks, torches and Gram Voodoo dolls for sale! Can't start your day hating Gram and plotting his downfall without 'em! Get 'em while they last folks!!
BAM!! Right in the nonexistent kisser!
Way to go Sputnik! XD

Hey Gram! How'd ya like that Knuckle Sandwich!? >8D
@Katalina Lozano: if you look close enough you can almost see poor Teri soil himself at least 5 times. ^^;
@Anonymous: gladly! XD Teri's friends will be first in line to watch Gram's walk of shame and everything!
@Anonymous: why wait? It needs to happen now!
One last comment on this page
Sputnik, you better be very careful how you act/speak to Teri right now. One wrong move and you'll provide the match that sets off the powderkeg of Teri's bottled up emotions and it won't be pretty! ^~^;
@Katalina Lozano: same here tbh.. I just hope Gram doesn't try to do what he does with Nitro behind closed doors.. >~<
*Sniffs the air around Gram*
Anyone else smell a big steaming pile of BULLSHIT when Gram said 'I hate yelling at you'? Bc
The tapping..
Won't be long until we finally.. FINALLY get to meet that Mysterious Figure from the teaser page!
True friends..
They know just how to crack you off by making fun of your jackass boss. XD
PFF! Wow! XD
The third and fourth panel cracked me up. XD
Well.. You know what they say..
Curiosity traumatized the Teri. ^~^;

Poor guy.. He's gonna need a memory-wipe to unsee that.