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September 19th, 2019
That does it..
Dunno about anyone else here but I now wish the absolute WORST for the head of that facility and anyone who knows that they kill off kids they supposedly 'release'. Bc

Any employees who just think the kids go home and resume their lives are fine but anyone who knows the truth (unless said employee has no choice but to go along with things and don't agree with the head-guy).. Yeah I hope they get the worst possible karma.
Oh snap!
Inceneroar has gained a new ability: FULL PAPA BEAR!! Attack increases x100 when someone hurts his kiddos!!
Oh jeez...
Countdown to Bowser's second beat down for hurting Jr!
I dunno if they're just being dorky together or doing the 'didly-do' but that made me laugh. X,D
These guys...
I'm sure at least a good portion of that 'Anti-Robot' group have good reasons to distrust AIs but, tbh... I feel they're going way overboard and I hope they, ultimately, fail in their plot.
Oh jeez...
Salut to that asshole! *raises the middle finger on both hands* no wonder Gramm turned out how he did, his father was a heartless, overly job-oriented bastard!
Jeez.. O.O;
I'm gonna say what (at least a few) others are thinking: Dude, that bitch ain't right. o.o; that and 'Poor Louie just can't catch a break. ^^;'
Gram, you only have your petty jealousy and possessiveness to blame.. Though if we find out you had a hand in Luc's untimely passing, well, I'm really gonna be pissed. Bc
Ya know, I was wondering where her mouth was. ^^;
That last panal.. XD
Bogdan is like "Dude! don't even kid about that!"
Lava can't stop a Mega Altaria, but a Bullet/Banzai Bill is a different matter. ^^;
SUDDENLY CHAINCHOMP!!! Jeez, though being a large toothy ball on a chain, those things can really sneak up on ya. ^^;
Pfff!! XD
Starchild be like 'Rly bish? Ur knife got nothin' on mah forcefield.' X,D
Countdown before all Hell breaks loose!
One lil question...
Does Crankshaft not know Throttle and Ratcher swing the other way? O.o;

Aside from that, great work as always and look forward to seeing how this all goes down. ^^
@Guest: I think it's because she can't constantly shift and change facial features of she wants to pass for human.

Though, in my opinion, she looks better as she is now.
@Katalina Lozano: they probably don't know about the dickery that's afoot.
Not necessarily..
@Katalina Lozano: there is a chance Teri might trust Andy since Andy warned him about Gram being a two-faced snake when they met. Though that might be relatively speaking in that regard. For Unix? No telling but it seems clear our pink screened tough guy knows Gram is an asshole so it may help him.
Poor Lumen
You'd think he would know better than get in the way of Mama Bears looking out for their cubunits.

And kinda glad Hart isn't there. Nothing scarier than angry mothers. (I say 'kinda' because of the fact he's stuck with a worse threat: GRAM!)
Oh shiz!
Another Mama Bear has activated!