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Mr.Hollow Wolf
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    Diogo Dioní­sio
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I wish you very much luck. :D ;)
maybe he doesn t like dragons
bffe - best friends forever
Party or.... maybe go to girls rooms xD
Perverted Raus xD
The eyes of Riza are so cute in this panel :3
It's what I like, correct things. xD
I love your comic :)
A small mistake
Sorry madam, but I would like to inform you that Charmander in its final evolution to Charizard is not in fact a pokemon dragon type, it's like fire and flight. But for the Mega Charizard X will type fire and dragon.
I hope you enjoyed and understood my explanation.
DAAAAAAAAMN!!!!! That rage!!!!
ok. Thanks :)
Can I ask you a question?
Just for curiosity. In the future this comic will have to do something with Ragnarok? It's just that whenever I think about wolves I remember Fenrir. You know, that God which wil going to start Ragnarok.
Norse Stuff
Morgai. She s very mysterious. :)
If I were Monty, I would rather have the glasses
Well... we both love anime and play some team work games(like LOL or TF2). It's the interesting facts i got. :D LONG LIFE FOR ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!