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@Bagginses: Take? No. The model has been formally requisitioned and acquired for a rite of cleansing and a re-application of properly thinned tinctures. An appropriate display, befitting of such an individual will then be provided. The Junior commissar may submit the required paperwork and petition for this to be located in his quarters
@Bobert: If doing their job correctly, one never expects the inqui- erm, commissariat.
@peachpunk: Unsanctioned access of Commissariat Schola records is punishable by 50 lashes and assignment to a penal battalion. In this case, however, I shall make an exception. Your summary execution has been scheduled for.... now.
@Hieranonymus : 1. My time at the schola was absolutely unremarkable. At no point was I subjected to atomic wedgies, swirlies, nookies, Catachan arm burn, or wet-willies. Entirely unmemorable.

2. All guardsmen who die with their lasgun in hand, trained on their foe, die gloriously. It would be rude of me, and frankly impossible, to pick just one instance.

3. This is indeed most unusual. I would suggest notifying your nearest commissar and bringing up your concern and remember, if he reaches for his sidearm, do not run. That's how he determines whether to note your casualty as a loyalist or defector.
@Kara MacGuyver: I would first suggest checking under your pillow for anything out of place. Perhaps he left his spanner there while replacing a shorted lumen. The servants of the omnissiah are often quite reserved and it is likely that he simply doesn't wish to disturb your rest by retrieving his tool. If you return his spanner and this behaviour continues, however, I recommend filing form TGH-004 with your nearest administratum office, nominating him for an immediate attitude readjustment and chem geld.

1. I see the Junior Commissar has been busy.

2. Very busy.

3. *looks over his shoulder* Oh. When did that get there? ...Seems accurate enough, if not slightly abridged.
@Jasin Moridin: It's best to save courtesy for the ballrooms.
@Militant "Roach" Callan: I'm merely a Commissar, no additional titles.

Are you of the Harper-Drungstern Holts? I should petition the administratum for a proper copy of the family tree, perhaps my grandchildren may live to see it delivered.
@Allsmiles: While I admire the vigour the Catachans possess, there's nothing quite like serving beside Kriegers. Never have I gotten so much reading done.
@Metal C0Mmander: Ah, more questions I see. Careful, the ordos is always recruiting.

1. Yes, several. I suppose the one that comes to mind foremost was not so much an execution as it was a surprise birthday party. I had been doing the rounds in my early twenty-fifth year when I found a trooper relieving himself on the side of a chimera. Naturally, I marched him out and made an example of him. Imagine my surprise when colored paper and candy burst from his ruptured skull.

Turns out it was a servitor that had been packed with confetti, dressed in fatigues and ordered to cause trouble. Cake was served later, followed by a tribunal and additional executions.

2. I expect little from them, I hope for much.

3. Dry socks, boiled water, the occasional warm meal, and strategically applied bolter rounds.

4. I have witnessed the astartes before, though I have never served beside them.
@Metal C0Mmander:

Commissar Commander Ibram Gaunt was a wise tactician and a shrewd leader. Few commissars possess the breadth of ability or wit to follow in his footsteps, though many still try.

Commissar Yarrick is, of course, a living legend. I wish him good health in his retirement and victory when he's inevitably dragged out of it again.

Commissar Cain is an excellent entertainer and recruiter. I liked the book more.
@peachpunk: *Sips recaf and just watches* Carry on, Junior Commissar.
@Garrot: *stops sipping recaf, blinks*
There... there are multiple kinds?

The Throne blesses us. This is an auspicious day. *drinks more recaf to celebrate*
1. This is a difficult question. My bolt pistols are like my children. I love them all. If I had to choose, it would be the Mauler pattern from Cinder Crag Forge.

Don't look at me like that, Garm Pattern. I love you, too.

2. Somewhere scenic and peaceful, but strategically insignificant. Peace is the most grievous lie.

3. They usually come from the Departmento Petasus, but as supply lines are strained, I have taken to tailoring my own. I am a registered Sartorus journeyman.
1. A potato. It thrives in harsh climates and can be mashed, boiled, baked or fried, and yet it retains all nutritional value and flavor. I admire your curiosity about vegetables. As a reward, you are assigned to peeling duty until further notice.

2. I am loyal to one mistress. War. She is insatiable.