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Just a Belgian gal who likes cartoons and games c:
I'm especially a big fan of Gravity Falls, Over The Garden Wall, Undertale and Back To The Future, so they might influence my webcomics.
Nah, they DEFINITELY influence my webcomics :'D
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2nd anniversary!
I managed to finish this one on Back To Pacifist's 2nd anniversary! Thank you to all my readers for sticking with me :D
Mettaton would make a great attorney.

Quick announcement: Since I've noticed I'm struggling to keep up with an uploading schedule, Back To Pacifist will from now on update whenever a new page is finished. This can be anywhere from a week to a month. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm simply no longer able to keep a schedule for this. This does not mean I'm going on hiatus! The uploads will just be more sporadic than before.
Sorry for the delay on this one, the last couple of weeks have been quite chaotic. I hope I'll be able to upload more regularly soon.
@Minifig9999: Awh, thanks for your comment! I needed to take it easy for a few weeks, but I'm feeling much better now. The next page is definitely going to be uploaded sometime this week :)

Edit: Or, you know, today. XD
@Spediscey: I'm sorry, this comic is most likely not going to continue. I'm glad you like it though!
I'm sorry for the delay on this page, I've got a cold and editing was going much slower than expected.
School is going to start soon, so updates for Back To Pacifist will be slowing down and be more sporadic. Thanks for understanding!
@LKWayvern: Ah, yes, I've read that one! It's been a while since I read it, so I didn't think of it immediately.
But you're right, it seems like Sans is the only one left there. I think that in the case of JH it does help the story forward, but it's not exactly supported by canon - which is not necessarily a bad thing, of course.
@LKWayvern: Huh, that's interesting, I hadn't noticed that mindset.
MK surviving the whole thing was pretty obvious in the game itself, if you ask me. Same thing goes for the monsters who were evacuated by Alphys, including characters like Grillby and the rabbits.
While uploading this page I decided to remove the Extra-chapter to clean things up. That should make it easier to see the new pages c:
@LKWayvern: Awh, thank you! Waterfall is definitely my favourite part of the Underground when it comes to the colours c:
Alternate title: cry me a river Yup!

I probably should've given them a Crab Apple to eat... That might have saved the image.

(By the way, it's a Cinnamon Bunny - but it might be hard to see since Chara already bit the head off)
@LKWayvern: Who says they're telling the truth?
Back To Pacifist is BACK!
It took me a year, but here it is: the next page of the comic! And trust me, it won't be the last one!
I'm very sorry that it took so long to continue this comic. I've taken this time to improve the story and write a script to hopefully make this a better reading experience. I'm very grateful to everyone who is still around and is still interested in seeing where this comic is going. Thank you so much for sticking around!

I don't have an upload scedule planned, but this comic should be going back to regular updates very soon. Enjoy!
That's alright! I'm looking forward to how the story will progress c:
(Also, take all the time you need and good luck!)
This. This is amazing. I already love what you did with Ace Attorney, so I'm sure this will be just as good!

Also, that Poké Ball on the 7th row is very detailed for a minimalistic series.
Maybe it'll continue someday, maybe it won't... Who knows?

Just don't count on it, okay?