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Just a food eatin', nap takin', video game playin', comic book readin', anime watchin', doodle drawin' nerdling child with a love for apples and a disdain for drastic changes in temperature.
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lol the eyelashes
lol its so hard to take them seriously.
i ain't allergic to cats. i'd pet the fuck outta that puking puss
just discovered this comic... in love with it. author, youre dope asf.
lol god latoya is so cute
youre the best flesh covered entity that ever existed!
February 2nd, 2017
okay... your Q and As have been some of the cutest ive ever seen
I usually hate the Q and As because theyre pretty boring in my opinion... but yours seem so real. Alot of emotion and character but into a couple of panels. Super adorbs. Keep it up missy.
@amanduur: eh, dont stress yourself out too bad. take some time to relax some of them tense nerves. we all want the best for you. do what yah gatta do, Unni... or Oppa...
dafuq... love triangle up in da hizzouse ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
subliminal message became not so subliminal
(insert le lenny face here) hayden lookin like he already imagining how mars' colon feels
the amount of salt in that last panel is unbearable.
lol this adult arse little girl
@DianaJones: did... did you just reply to your own comment? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) takin talkin to yourself to a whole new level
You mean somethin you have to tell US? Cuz i've been nosy as fuck since day 1.
LEL! well that was amazing to read. I actually do kind of want to know why he chose cheerios tho
@DemonicTurtle: right? i cried tears of joy because of it
OH BLESSED BE ME! 2 UPDATES IN 2 DAYS!!!! how does one even accomplish such a feat? One does not simply roll thyself up in window blinds