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there isnt much to know about me. i like anime, manga, tv and video games. hanging out with friends and such. i'm working on a manga, and some 3d stuff to try and get my story out into the industry. wish me luck =D
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A day late.
Week Two!
Look at that. I managed to do what other people with more talent and less time do more regularly!

I'm a little proud.

Actually, I'm surprised I did a comic this weekend. I MET STAN LEE! I'm amazed I didn't die of over-exposure of awesomeness!


See you next week. UNLESS I MEET WEIRD AL!
Let's try this again!
This is my newest attempt at returning to the weekly format. I have a small arc that I want to do that will involve a big change for a character.

After the mini-arc, I'm sure something else will come up.

Stick with it. This might be the re-beginning of something big. Big-ish. Medium sized. Big for me.
A day late.
Sorry, guys. I was super sick yesterday and had trouble laying down to ink. But here it is!

I know the bugs don't really look like lice. Maybe Eric had ants?

Anywho, see you next week!
Two weeks in a row.
Wanna start taking bets how long this schedule will hold up? There's one more strip to finish off this weeks'. Then maybe a one-off or two. Then a new mini-saga.

Hopefully, if the saga turns out well, it'll keep me on schedule. I tend to do a lot more work when I have ideas pumping.

Drop a note and let me know what you think! Thanks.
Sceptical is just as accepted as Skeptical. It's British/Canadian. Promise.
We're Back.
Welcome back, everyone! And happy day before Valentine's Day!

Sometime I don't count holiday issues as the main saga, but it's been a while since I've done anything, so I need the numbers!

The braintrust has helped flush out some plot ideas, so hopefully I'll be here pumpin out issues on a fairly regular basis.

Come back next Monday and look for some new pictures!
Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
I'm thankful for a lot of things.

See you next week! =D
RIP Blue
True story. The character Blue is based off a dude I met online close to a decade ago. He's got a webcomic here and a DA page here:

But the dude hasn't been online for 50 weeks which is TOTALLY out of character for him. I hope he's okay. He's pretty cool.
Updates coming soon! Issues start back up October 3rd or 10th.
Well, Vancouver lost.
As Netrogo promised last week, they're going to riot for a WEEK! This comic is just a recap of the shenanigans that went down during their rummage of the downtown Vancouver core.

Seriously. Google the riot. You'll see Simon EVERYWHERE.

Somehow, though, he was the only one out of the heroes to be arrested. Weird, no?
Game 7 is on Wednesday.
Here's hoping I can cook these dogs with pride.

Go, Canucks, Go!
Red Bubble!
Heya, internet family. How you been?

Just droppin by to say that I've started putting artworks on tshirts. A couple comic-related pieces are already up. Go ahead and check them out!

Also, I'm accepting suggestions for what you guys want on t-shirts. If you have an idea, leave a comment (even guests can do it! No need to sign up) right here.

My profits on the shirts are only $1-2. Not trying to make TONS of money. Just some. Take care, guys.
Two weeks
Started this one a couple weeks back. Just got around to finishing it yesterday. Had to re-draw the final panel close to 6 times.

Still don't like it.
1 month? 2 months? Glad no one keeps count how far behind I fall. It'd be a look more okay if I had validity behind my reasoning. Alas, I do not.

Another comic coming up in about an hour. To make up for the missed time.
Actually really like the second panel. High-fiveing an invisible dude? Come on. That's just awesome.

I love drawing Simon. Expect to see more of him (figuratively) next week with the History of Why Simon Is Invisible issue. It's boarder-line compelling. If you like Simon. If you don't, you'll just have to wait it out a week. Chances are I'll forget about him soon enough.
Holee Damn.
Easily the most work I've put into one issue. Ever. Including the Christmas/Holiday specials. I really don't like drawing fight scenes. Mostly because I suck at them. And in comic strips like these, they have to be short. You can't accomplish much.

All excuses, of course. Anyway, the "Missing Women Saga" is complete. Come back next week to see what I've come up with next!
Interesting, no?
Kuri ( hijacked my comic while I was working on it at the local artist meet-up.

She asked permission, so I couldn't yell at her! She picked up from where I left off, and I decided that I might as well upload it for kicks!

I'm posting this image (in the future) in case I don't get a new comic up next week (day you are reading this). Either way, it was a neat little comic that I decided to throw up here. Enjoy! More comics on the way.
Good possibility of no new issue next week. Planning a double issue for the week after. If I get it done in time, I'll upload it next Monday. But it probably won't be up until the 28th.

Should be good =3
Poor Simon.
I'm afraid what they might do to him once they find out he's a him. Best of luck, invisibuddy.

On a lighter note, I've already started working on next week's comic. So the chances of it being late just went from good, to okay!

See you later!