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I'm a Homosexual Male of the LGBT community and I totally despise ignorant and pathetic people with fake fabricated genders. These stupid made up genders sounds like a damn fashion design for the LGBT. I am dissapointed
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    Bob faggot
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that's who you are
Bisexuals, not PANromantic
You tumblrtards are just getting dumber and dumber. You are a disgrace to the LGBT community. You better start thinking of apologizing. Start by saying sorry to my gay husband, Oscar Chavez.
DemiSexual!?!? What kind of stupid made up word us that? You as a human being and anyone else who fabricated this word in the NEW WORLD is a moron. When I was Homosexual man, there was this man who liked me but I didn't like him back because: he's dirty (Not in the sexual way), he's repulsive, he's creepy too. He tried to invite me to have sex with him and his grandpa but I refused. I can't stranges nowadays. So the proper way of saying "DEMISEXUAL" is lack of interest. So get your facts straight.

P.S. quit making too many false genders and sexualities. LGBT+ is not a fashion design, it's for people who are sexually different like me (A homosexaul), my friends who are Bisexual, transvestites, and lesbians.

Biggot is a stupid and useless word. So get over it.