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Im a Comic Book Artist,Animator,Game Designer.I like mangas,games,animes and games and especially when i create them.
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    Delroy Wood
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Hi you 2.Thanks for the cover comment.I'll see how soon I can get those updates to you all XD
Hiya I assure you it's really a woman not a man in drag.We just like to shade like that.Lol I would never have thought like that.Thanks for the comments about lighting & texturing.When I post more pages up I'd like to hear from you again bye :)
Informative Information.
This is Malu Mpack's potion mistress.
Informative Info.
Well here's a filler for you all before I reinstall my scanner again & scan all he comic pages I've done for it.
Current New's.
This is Duwi Wendi the flute wielding kid of the Mpact.As seen on the gallery
Current New's.
This is Lowein the best jumper of the Mpact.
Current News.
This is tsakanac a.k.a tsaki.The cutest little member of the Mpact.
November 5th, 2007
Wow loving this.Chibi's rockin to the max.
Oh yeah there's gonna be alot of action in this power blast's the work's this is gonna rock so hard.Btw thank's man very appreciated of your comment.
This is a comic were making with a friend of our's.
October 13th, 2007
I certainly don't think it's a bad page & as someone said before very suspenseful.
Informative Information.
Well yet another filler kinda getting used to making em yah know.Well anywho's this 1 is based on something that happened to me before.An yeah that's right this time my filler's a random comic.
Thank You!!!!
Thank's Bradley just gave me more incentive to work on this.
Informative Information.
Here's a filler for you guy's the first filler for this web-comic hope you enjoy.
Page 2 Up.
Adoris the Erkian Prince(Unknown Alien Species)is cutting off alliance with Iosho the Catican King(Cat Type Alien).And i guess he got mad enough to kill him for it.But as you can see Adoris is'nt going down with a fight just yet.
Stating The Obvious & Not So Obvious.
Well this CoverArt as you can see I also had posted this on DrunkDuck but I spiced it up for right here.In this page the main character KK of this webcomic(Kikashi)is flying in his rocket over the water.