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Hey there. I started spriting back in late '06. I stopped late '07 realizing that this was just another fad that I had come across. Who knows, maybe I'll return for the amusement.
I started when I was 11. Quit when I was 12. I'm 14 now. (Logged on 05.25.09 to refresh things.) If I do return, I'll be making a new profile. But other than that, you can catch me on GaiaOnline. That is all.
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She looks the least bit attractive.
I could name way more girls that are hotter than her. :]
Hey! It's me! Again, I haven't commented in forever! I've thought out coming back and making comics, but then again, I'm not so sure. Good to see that you still make comics Vye. n_n
Looks decent. I wonder what people will use it for.
lopsidedmoose said, "its nice but reds does have a point.

just because it has sprites in it does not REALLY make it SPRITE SHOWCASE showable. "

This means that it's just showing the effects. It's not contributing to this place because it isn't showing any new work you've been working on. I see no handle, so I say no commetn to your silly effects.
It's seems like all you're holding is the light, and no saber. you should fix that. :]
Super crazy awesome! I like your flashback within a flashback effect. Looks awesome! :]
heehee, i know it already! yay!
And my comment to the previous comment:

I was the first ever to submit. YAY!
iPods are swizzle. :]
Abra is so cool!!!! Don't get me wrong, Squirtle is still my favorite, but I like Abra's attitude. :]
You need to fix his bangs. There's one on one side, but not on the other.
First to Comment!

Wel, they're really well done. It just seems pillowshaded to me. But it still looks nice. I should think of using this style instead of sonic style. :]
April 21st, 2008
Smeezette, it's unnecessary to gloat. You're just making it worse.
April 21st, 2008
hehe, yeah, my bad.
I didn't mean to do that.
This is currently the best sprite I've seen in a very long time here. Do you do requests Elda?
ahem, I am as well the panda guy here. :]
Wowz. Haven't commented in a bajillion majillion comics. It always turns out that way. Well, its easy to tell it's giovanni because of the little thingy on his face, that gives him the oldishish look. :]
The first one is really well done! The second one looks decent but the hair is my only concern. That should be fixed. And I think it's husky, not huskie. But, great job!
It's a simple recolor of pixel art. minus some stuff, so I guess an edit. Well, sure, it's meh.
you should just delete the outdated ones.
but no more gradient shading.