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Our savior
SOS , Obi Zeen Kenobi : you're our last hope

XD and ^_^"
Where you come from ?
*asks to wolf Wolfram to open a portal and leads Godzilla from it to here*

Good luck , all of you XD
The fight is on his way
I quote "- Not so fast now" : It's normal when you've spelled Kazu with a lock in place charm , you dumbass "light" warrior

And before to shout victory , be sure your opponent is really out
My words
@ Peteranckorn :

Nemean has sworn it , yes . But she's too a light warrior , and the WS team begins to be evily harassing
Unexpected defender
Why i have the feeling that Nemean will protect Kazu ............ ?
From another dimension
Message to Vitae :

"- Stab , stab : ur dead" ^_^
I enjoy it
At least , there is someone having fun during the fight ...... Isn't it , white neophite ? XD
OK , well : this is slowly becoming a full messing (especially the central panel) XD

*sends the 9e US army to unlock the situation* ^_^"
Vainquished ?
1) I doubt Rath is out from this attack .... Take care to your butt , Nemean ^_^"

Vitae has forgotten Alice , bet this last will heal Leth quick . Or Rath's spell having changed her armor is secretly providing a magic shield to her (the green light) ?
Next fight
@ Randomdude67 :

Let's see the strike three and how Rath will deal into ^_^

*grabs a bunch of pop-corn and some soda cans*
@ Randomdude67 :

As her skirt armor is become this small "hide-sex" , her shirt is become these "clip-nips" . Look at the previous strip to check the color has changed

Then i bet that Rath has still some pervert tricks in his bag ...... What about Nemean (secretely) falling in love with him because of it =^_^=
First : how Nemean still have her wings when her armor disappeared ?

Second : she has really snapped the ropes or bitten the one in her muzzle until it cuts ?

Third : why you're blushing in the fifth panel , Nemean : enjoyed to be bound ?

Fourth : why Nemean has ropes around her neck in the fifth panel when there was nothing in the first one ?

I know : this is a lot of questions . Sorry ^_^"
Drat , now i'm asking to myself who will be Sanji and Zoro busy to fight together :
Ah , touched
So what , Nemean ! You have a crush for bad boys ? Let me to introduce someone to you .......... Goooooret , where are you ? XD

Awww , she's too close of Rath . No way for a new deflecting action : next strip will be a valentine Nemean =^_^=
@ Guesticus :

The shoulders weren't included in my above comment , only bras and panties ^_^"

For the golden thing , let just say that red Sonja got some levels XD
By the way , Leth : there is red Sonja searching for her steel bras and panties =^_^=
King of bards
@ JL :

That's the bard from "Asterix" XD
@ Peteranckorn :

Heavy metal bard , seriously ? 0_o
A good image of us
Do you think it's time to worry about credibility , Kazu ? But don't bother with this : all credibility has been lost after the tenth page ^_^"
OUCH , Rath uses the sexy beam spell finally . What it will do on the wings ? Nemean will be forced to surrender ? You'll learn it to the next strip XD