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Sting attacks
A lot of minor wounds on Vitae : loss of blood will invalidate her to fight

No ideas about how it will be with Alice and Mortem , but i can't wait to see the "fight" between Nemean and Rath :)
Let's .......
Snarf would say "let's sting" (for the ones knowing dragon magazine)

A lot of things
In place of the band-aids , i know someone who would be staid stuck here ...... Isn't it , Rath XD

@ Peteranckorn : Only living creatures ....... OH GOD : i don't wish to imagine what happening along Kazu's body =^_^=

"Go annoy the cat lady" Seeing Rath's face in the last panel , i bet he'll do pervy discussion with the nemean ..... or will get a quick blast ^_^"
Lot of questions
My "old" question is still actuality : why only Kazu's clothes are attacked by Mortem's spell ?

What happens to Zeen meanwhile ?

Why the villagers aren't come back since the time ?

Why i feel this "new" fight will turn again in a full mess ?
The nemean 2
@ Randomdude67 :

The nemean is here to help the cult , but i doubt strongly she shares their mind
Rath not guilty ?
@ Randomdude67 :

It depends of females/women : i'm sure that Hathoraz or Venom doesn't mind about super perverts as Rath =^_^=
The nemean
@ Randomdude67 :

The nemean is right : no way to kill someone if he's not guilty
Let's the fight begin
At least , the nemean is fair

But what ? Mortae's spell attacks the clothes now ? It wasn't doing it on the villagers when she's used it for the first time . And see Kazu lose her outfit when paid it very expensive .....
Calm on
@ Triggered :

No need to be aggressive : Peteranckorn has perfectly the right to make the suspense last
Take it
Next strip :

The nemean doesn't enjoy to be disturbed when chatting and blasts sister Life's face XD

Unless Midnight comes and slashes on the girl with her special sword ...... Guess Rath will enjoy it ^_^"
Mistake 2
The front of the cuirass seems to be two fully mobile parts . So normally , nemean can't let the breasts opened and close the tummy . Unless it :

OMG ! What the heck ? 0_o

In the fourth panel , we can see the nemean opens all the front of her cuirass (breasts and tummy) . But in the sixth , only the breasts parts are opened ^_^"
futuristic armor
The question is still actuality : how the breasts can have disappeared when we see them on side (first panel) ?

Meanwhile , the added storage are a good idea *thumb up*
Other dimension
@ Peteranckorn :

It makes me to remember this picture from Doku-Sama about Skyrim . Disappearing body parts :

Belongs to ?
Hmm , hmm ..... So .... I bet the brown breasts (in the upper corner) are Venom's one . What if Rath gropes on them ? XD
Breasts story
Maybe this is true for the two sisters but we can see that the nemean has her breasts in (on the side of her cuirass)

Meanwhile ..... Rath , you're definitively labeled as "greatest pervert of the Universe" . And you have nothing to say against XD
Flawless victory
@ Peteranckorn :

You may ask to the nemean to count the "feathers" of her helmet and disturb her when she's at the half . Count lost = all to do again

XD ^_^"
February 26th, 2018
Never say it !!!
"Nemean warriors do not wear bras"

That is meaning you're breasts naked under your armor ........ Don't say it when Rath is around : that should give ideas to him :)
February 25th, 2018
Seems that the master artificer is a gnoll and his employee being an hybrid gnoll-lapan

I bet Rath's team will success to make the nemean become a pervert like them ^_^"
February 24th, 2018
Space kobold
Meanwhile , Zeen is still orbiting ^_^"