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I am an actor of sorts and a gamer. Also *Beep* I am not a Cyborg at all. *Beep*
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I bet Spades never expected that, then again no one ever expects to get hit in the face unexpectedly by a metal object.
You're Welcome Antares
Oh, and it seems that the Count is going to bite her face off or eat it.....Well, that's how it looks anyways..
"A comic about being online and such.*
Currently requires co-authors.
As always, it is wonderful to have the Count back! Hoorah and all that jazz!
It is great to be back, though it may be a little slow, hopefully i'll be able to get this comic right back on track!
Shipman looks awesome and hot!
I'm sorry for not updating.I've just been doing lots of homework thats all....
Somebody please post a comment.
Uh oh
Yep defeated by "it" whatever it is.
That is creepy but my avatar is creepy also.
Yes I know and i'm almost finished recolouring my own sprites which I use in this comic
No thanks
No you don't need to make me a sheet of sprites
Well anyway here is another try at making sprites I don't think they look very good for a goomba and other person.
You can join my plot if you want emberflames.
You are being watched
For those of you who are too afraid to post a comment.I just have one thing to say....Your always being watched!
Yep thats right it's the begining of a plot.
This is great and funny.
I accepted your application so you are now an Author also this is what happens when I try to make sprites
This is a sprite I made and it looks very odd.