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@AssaultBird2454: Where are the Rawst Berries?
@Bringer_of_light: Knowing you I might check in in 4 years maybe 5.
@PokeMash: lol! I was looking for the extra comment. But yeah I can understand what you were thinking but that's not it, nice try though.
@PokeMash: Someone brightened the image in a comment bellow. You can look there to see what I saw.
@KirbyandPokemonFan: I think it is the other SolarFlare. It is a Leafeon after all.
@Firestar1224: I wouldn't have noticed that if you didn't mention it. Boy is that creepy.
That is very encouraging.
@MR.Zoet: I have had this happen to me before. Honestly it is very annoying when it does this.
@Shiny cobra: Well that makes more sense given the shape.
Wait there are 2 craters in the wall. Does that mean that someone else was here and got thrown into said wall?
Did not expect this. Also there are people complaining? I guess I haven't been paying attention enough to notice that. As for some things like CC and other things brought up in this page I seriously thought they were going to be explained more when we finally got to chapter 6.
@Pok: only 5 minutes actually. I have been thinking about this for the last few pages so it wasn't that hard to write.
@troblsomtwins829: Lol, That is ridiculous however understandable that some artists would go that far.
@DarkFireEevee: Oh, I thought you were trying to bring up an actual point.
@DarkFireEevee: Well I didn't think about that. However I still think that my statement is valid. I personally think Mewtwo is the most likely individual to be the legendary to be connected with the Guardian of Shadows.
I am very curious as to which legendary the Guardian of Shadows is with? I don't think it is Yveltal as his counter-part has the Guardian of Life(Laiba) meaning his has to be the Guardian of Death. Also it can't be Darkrai as he is not very strong compared to other legendries and the Guardian of shadows supposedly has immense power. There are only 2 I can think of that could qualify with these specific requirements. the first is obvious through Giratina as they have the grand power needed and are from the distortion world a place of darkness, a place of true shadows. However the second makes more sense given that we know the Guardian of Shadows has immense power and needs a close friend to keep them from going rouge. the second possibility is that the Guardian of shadows is of Mewtwo. At this moment Mewtwo is a true wildcard in the power of this world as we don't know where they stand and we know that a Mewtwo that goes on a rampage is nearly unstoppable, on top of this we still have no idea what Mewtwo's Guardian is called and we know that Mewtwo has a Guardian, unlike Giratina, from panel 2 on Page 38 of Chapter 7.
@SentryBeat: It could be saying "If one becomes guardian of shadows..." referring to how the Guardian of shadows seems to be rare and hold untold power. This makes me think it is likely that the Gaudian of shadows is for a Legendary more powerful then the like of Darkri as he isn't particularly strong especially if a Creselia is nearby.
I just noticed that Celebi is mad in panel 1
@Ulta: Wouldn't be surprised given how she left the other party in both of those situations much worse for wear.
@Ulta: In all fairness she did kind of get hit by a car and swallowed by their equivalent of a whale and was perfectly fine in both cases.