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I want the Surprise! (The more I think about it I guess I really am Chaotic Neutral.)
@DarkFlameOSecrets: You just read my mind.
Well. Can't say I didn't see this coming.
@CoolBreeze: I completely agree. And I have to give props to Woo for doing it like that, it can't be easy to do.
@Sakarime: So you have some background I once said this to a friend while playing a D&D campaign with a character who had amnesia just to mess with him.
@Sakarime: Yes it is suppose to be confusing.
I find it funny that more often than not characters that have or claim to have amnesia say that they can't remember something and that is why they have amnesia. Wouldn't that be a case of them remembering they have amnesia?
Why do I feel that this is an illusion?
@RazorD9: I don't see that with any of these. I don't often think of red and blue as opposites and gold and silver actually go together and aren't opposites. The only ones I agree with are Black, White, X, Y, Sun and Moon. I just feel that they could have done something different and given the same reference or feeling.
@Daz Keaty: I was mostly mentioning the comment in the last Panel but I do agree with you if they pull that off well it would be really neat.
Personally I felt that the title were a bit of a misstep on Nintendo's part. It just doesn't feel like it works with the previous naming conventions, and yes that counts Sun and & Moon too.
He is secretly spinning his tail to reach these speeds. Wow he really is Miles Prower.
@H0lyhandgrenade I will say this, I have never seen someone do this with their main character in a Pokémon comic. Kudos go to you.
I think Toby just evolved into the first Flying Eeveelution.
Wait did Toby just break the 4th wall?
This is all that is going through my head at the moment.
@Lady Lu-san: Weird my friends usually put me as Neutral Good. But I like Chaotic Good just as much.
@pixlblox9099:Well... I have no comment to this.
I think option 4 is more realistic but option 1 sounds more fun. I want the one that will cause chaos.
I know Speedy punched himself but could that also qualify as a facepalm considering he doesn't have a hand.

(I mean facepalm with your hand through your face)
Yupe I knew it. I knew that George is aware that she is in a comic. There is no other way her character could have figured this out.