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Well. Can we assume that the scrafty didn't survive this?
I thought they would had noticed that they were a Pokémon on the last page.
Wow Ace was committed.
This is great and I understand the issue of trying to pay for college so best of luck.
I wish you the best in whatever you will do from here.
Well this looks interesting.
@Pokemonguy: Mine would be an Empoleon.
This was an enjoyable walk down memory lane. Though I can't wait to see how and if Robin will meet the Elite 4.
Well things sure have gotten interesting.
March 21st, 2018
Sorry for the wait.
I'm sorry about the wait, I honestly had this ready for 2-3 months now but keep on forgetting to post it.
Why is it called Nudge?
I'll be honest I read up to this point and have no idea what is happening.
Why do I feel like she can read minds/thoughts?
>Check your pockets_

Because you haven't bothered to do so yet
>Check under Desk_
You know that's a very good question.