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@Noahepix: No I just have a hard time determining if it's sarcasm from text.
@Noahepix: He's quoting SpongeBob Square Pants
Olly is fine, "Tis but a flesh wound!"
I really hope the last update is Nina returning to the lost tower to honor her deceased Pokémon.
@Dark/Light: you can see there bios on the character page.
@Blaze01: Darn it
@K321: it looks like that but if you look closely it's on his right wrist they do not show his right wrist on this page until you see the looplet.
@jayseesall: Oh you're right and to think they were worried about Vagus and Theseus.
@Bringer_of_light: Well I mean it makes since you and shard (and whoever else did) created this story and/or universe so it must mean you came up with it. right that's how logic works.
@NeonUmbreon: How about Deus Ex Theseus!
@Bringer_of_light: Because one of you came up with it?
Wait did leafeon give him a rage candy bar?
I am very curious to see the reason that she was pulled back to the pokemon world.
You should make a page with nina visiting her fallen friends at the tower for the last page in the comic seeing as that is where final farewells are held.
@Guest: Yes
In that last panel did Butterfree Kick Milo while flying by?
@42Meep: Do do, do, do, dooo
@That Faggot Trudeau: Ok yeah I see were you were going now.