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I found this page to be darker then we intended.
Yupe everything goes wrong like I thought.
@Woo: Thanks I look forward to seeing them and technically your the first person to see those characters beside me and my sister.
So this is where everything goes wrong right?
Oh I just realized N wouldn't want to go back would he.
I look forward to seeing what comes next. and though I love that it is drawn now I loved the charm of it with the sprits but I guess I can live with it seeing as it is a small loss.
@Darvin: they sleep with their eyes open.
@VelvetRainbow: but you flipped the table
@VelvetRainbow: Aww why did you ruin my monopoly game?
Why didn't she just Fly down?
Hey don' worry we all have come from somewhere and to be perfectly honest I'm not an artist but I'm helping my sister who is also new to making comics with scripting and the web page alterations and the sorts.
@TheMewgon40: ops I didn't even see that.
Character Submission: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NyNAAZRifLol89d0nFqMizSC4RSS_V-Eh8HNMwB8xsk/edit
Those panels with espurr are nightmare fuel
Yeah it's back
@ArionArts: that Espurr is so creepy.
@Nekomata-chan: Hey do you know what the dimensions of the background is.
Caleb the Gastly
Is in a Team with Kagaku and Ashton
Ashton the Dratini
Is in a Team with Kagaku and Caleb