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Well I am sleeping with one eye open tonight.
@PKM-150 Did you really use Crystal Cave from EOT also just because the name is similar I am now expecting some mystical encounters for our group of Eevees
@WriterRaven: I believe we are both in agreeance about this but I am worried what they are going to add to satisfy those whose favorite Pokémon don't get transferred over to make it worth the loss. To me it is about the balance as this page's name suggests and at the moment I am not so convinced that they will have his balance. This doesn't mean I won't get the game it just means I may wait for a bit to see what else is in store.
This looks terrible.
#Grabs Necronomicon*

Lets make it worse.
@WriterRaven: Maybe your right, but I still don't know what is the actual reason they made this decision. I don't think it has to do with making the models and animations here. Given that this is the same engine and they can port over the old models and do touch up work I think it has to do with storage space more than time constraints.
There will always be tomorrow. We will just have to wait.
@Murp: Yeah it is but I really don't know what I was thinking when I first commented that.
@WriterRaven: That's very true and I never thought about it that way. However Pokémon was the only one to ever market itself to "Catch them all". Sure not since 2002 but still.
I am already excited for this comic and there has only been one page.
I'll be honest I kind of just did what you did so I have no right to complain.
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: I really like this Idea. This has my vote.
I want the Surprise! (The more I think about it I guess I really am Chaotic Neutral.)
@DarkFlameOSecrets: You just read my mind.
Well. Can't say I didn't see this coming.
@CoolBreeze: I completely agree. And I have to give props to Woo for doing it like that, it can't be easy to do.
@Sakarime: So you have some background I once said this to a friend while playing a D&D campaign with a character who had amnesia just to mess with him.
@Sakarime: Yes it is suppose to be confusing.
I find it funny that more often than not characters that have or claim to have amnesia say that they can't remember something and that is why they have amnesia. Wouldn't that be a case of them remembering they have amnesia?
Why do I feel that this is an illusion?
@RazorD9: I don't see that with any of these. I don't often think of red and blue as opposites and gold and silver actually go together and aren't opposites. The only ones I agree with are Black, White, X, Y, Sun and Moon. I just feel that they could have done something different and given the same reference or feeling.
@Daz Keaty: I was mostly mentioning the comment in the last Panel but I do agree with you if they pull that off well it would be really neat.