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I just noticed that Gamma's eyes are the same color as Myu's. I think this has to do with Gamma's guilt and the power from Myu's mom is causing this surge in power.
Edit: Wait never mind I thought they were both a Teal color but Myu's eyes are a slightly darker color of blue at the bottom.
It's official the shiny Vaporeon can sense the fourth wall, can't break it but seems to know of it now.
September 12th, 2019
@cloudpool Why don't you put the characters into the backgrounds of some scenes as cameos? (wait can you even have a cameo from characters you played as/created?) also congrats on 100.
@arnisd: I am finally caught up. There was so much for me to go through.
That's some powerful wall to cause that much damage.
did the zigzagon leave the vent and go in a different one or did it go back inside the same vent?
@Swissswampert: I think I am in the same boat now.
@Mushroom Flabs: I tend to like the Spin off stories more than he Main line Pokémon stories. I think the only exception is Gen 4 which was what got me into Pokémon so I am biased and can't view it very objectively.
@troblsomtwins829: It's not all that bad. College just started up for me and my whole state was just being stalked by a very angry turtle that just missed us in favor of the Bahamas.
@troblsomtwins829 So now that you have escaped the void how are you doing?
Yeah It's back! Now Dorian can come rek my state.
Save nothing is worse than losing 20 hours of game time because you played all day and run out of battery life in the middle of saving. I am still mad about that.
I think that Flare will take off the eyepatch.
Wow this is going to be like Finding Nemo!
Well I am sleeping with one eye open tonight.
@PKM-150 Did you really use Crystal Cave from EOT also just because the name is similar I am now expecting some mystical encounters for our group of Eevees
@WriterRaven: I believe we are both in agreeance about this but I am worried what they are going to add to satisfy those whose favorite Pokémon don't get transferred over to make it worth the loss. To me it is about the balance as this page's name suggests and at the moment I am not so convinced that they will have his balance. This doesn't mean I won't get the game it just means I may wait for a bit to see what else is in store.
This looks terrible.
#Grabs Necronomicon*

Lets make it worse.
@WriterRaven: Maybe your right, but I still don't know what is the actual reason they made this decision. I don't think it has to do with making the models and animations here. Given that this is the same engine and they can port over the old models and do touch up work I think it has to do with storage space more than time constraints.