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@Neo-Ripper: It's ok it was a confusing question to begin with.
@Neo-Ripper: I don't have eyes like that I'm asking a what if question about your comic.
What if you have one eye of one color and one eye of a different color?
Wait weren't they going to work with team rocket? or at least use the confusion to find and save robin?
Setter ok now I'm curious.
Well I wouldn't stay to find out what they are.
Well gangar now everything bad is going to happen.
I'm with Atty on this one how did she do that and more importantly how did Abel just walk through it?
Wait isn't Deltamon an ultimate level digimon how are they going to beat 2 ultimates.
@Bringer_of_light: It's fine at least you got the correct arc. I've seen people get that wrong on their own comics before too.
I have no words to describe this.
Actually they first appeared in Arc 2 Chapter 2.
Well this is not ideal.
Well Dusknor caught up quickly.
I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
@Darvin: I don't think that ship is larger but just moving at a faster speed.
Ok I'm confused where is this going?
@madman404: Yeah I'm in the same boat and I honestly feel the same way.