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now you're a MAN

this is my tribute to (or theft from) the real mws men
sorry friends, but ive been in Colorado with this art program for teh past 2 weeks which has prevented me from continuing. look for new stuff next week!
wow! wait, i wanna read more! it looks like you put a lot of work into some of these pages.
good use of materials, good values. You could render the background more, although you do a good job with that in the first few pages.
I'm actually really glad you like it better that way cuz it saves me like an hour per page!!
awwwwwl i am very touched T.T it disappeared in a room full of people, which is very strange. in the meantime, maybe i should do a sidequest with bunnturtles?
ok, for any science nerds who actually know their stuff, please just accept this as science fiction.
thats the idea m'love
This was originally a totally different page (that i didnt really like) but my compy ate it, so i decided to start over and this one looks way better! huzzah for serendipity!
Heheh sorry Jer, i tried asking you first but you were busy or somthing. what can i say, i wanted an excuse for drawing you
February 24th, 2008
woa i really like it so far :3
teehee poor innard-clad knightly man. thats so cool how do u that with the 3-D people? do u model them yourself or cut them out of screenshots or what?
wow you use composition to your advantage really well. like the frames lead into each other and its like woa! feather!
XD oh dearr laid-dom. To be honest, a colored background would help a lot i think...maybe throw in a few geometric shapes, or some design or pattern or SOMETHING but it kinda looks like you did this one page in about 5 minutes (seriously). just being honest. I spend at least 2 hours on mine T.T
How very shamelessly expressive.
Trees! :D the linework is amazing. keep up the awesome work
To be honest, it was really hard designing a shirt for Amery because of the tubes that plug into his back, and I wanted to show off his mechanical arms. So, it was simplest just to leave him shirtless.
Well, to be completely honest, he looks better shirtless

teehee your comic amuses me ^_^
December 29th, 2007
i believe the fav button is like, back before this page XP