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Hello Mister!I'm Fallen Leaves from a crooked little town!I can spell my name real good!
F A L L E N L E A V E S,Fallen Leaves!Yes!
Yeah!!It looks really better done by mouse!^^
Holy shit!!U I thought this comic was awsome till the lmit.But no!It get's even BETTER!!!I luv u!!!
Oh GOD!NO!!If u skip Chemistry even once ur're dead!It's just so complicated....Romy,u r so desperate!
It is so cute!!I just adore the big eyes bishoujo style!!Fved!!
First kiss??!!He is so sexy and no one still haven't kissed him??!!
Ahahahahah!!!!THis is so cool!!!Poor monkey will never get home//
Well Janet is a pretty cool mom....Please!!Adopt me Janet!!!!!!!
Oh GOD!!!If only my mom would talk to me that way....But only what can I hear is:TURN THAT BLASTED THING OFF OR I'LL THROW IT AWAY WITH UR PLAYSTATION2!!!!Laws >3<
Faved!Because it intrigues me so!
aaawwwwww!!!This one is more cute then funny!!!>3<
Hates rich guys??>_< ah!Then She hates Chris from my comic!!NOO!Life is not fair
Oh Shit!!SOrry!!!!!!!!!!!!No guessing anymore!!!>3<
OOOH let the monkey do Kameh-hame-ha
May I ask: can i print the strips out and hang over my wall?
godgodgodgoddog!!This comic is kickass!!!So funny~!!!!
(oh,i wear Victoria secret...her undies rock!!)
October 7th, 2007
Ur comics are so adorable!!!!FAV for SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3
Oh GoD!!!Her situation is so desperate already and now there's a mean brother!!I would have killed myself ages ago!!!>_<
Oh noes!!Armless monkey will have no food or shelter in the trip :<:< It is sure bad to be armless
I never have read a shoujo-ai before...I feel so shy reading them >///< Ur comic is simply gorgeous!!Favs on u!^^
GAD!!!This comic is SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is so cute!!!!I love ur art!Fav+