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I enjoy Spriting, drawing, movies, and art in general. Except for sculptures and photos.
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Well, this was unexpected, but then again you and I haven't spoken in over two years. XD

Still, hope you find happiness in this decision, and I wish you good luck with it. ^^

Though you need a new shorter name for when we are too lazy to write the entire thing... MagZ works, and ironically sounds a bit like Mackenzie. XD
Hello, my name is Elder Robotnik, and I'd like to share with you the most amazing book...

Or alternatively:
Hello, I am selling time shares in Kansas City, Missouri...
There is no politically correct term, as it does not occur in real life (often enough for there to be a need for a politically correct term)
It honestly just is TG (or Transgendered) and Gender Bender.
Well, viewing all three clues did give the exact location... though the expansive stages don't exactly make knowing where it is help. XD
triple april Fools... you went all out this year Z. XD
@Afrohawkman: The bouncer was the robot Knuckles destroyed and then threw at rouge.
My bet is on the environment. It will cause the most damage, through falling, slamming, or otherwise.
lol, I was curious, but now I understand. ^^
Yeah rouge's flying is a pain... she can just stay up there and kick you anytime you get near... the only way to beat her is to use special attacks
@Fusion Kirby: Even while indoors no less.
The password is Swordfish! It is always Swordfish!
Eggman you devious mastermind! Now that is the genius that got sonic to go super sonic to steal the chaos energy!
You'd think Eggman'd upgrade those Emerl drones...
I had wondered why the comic had gone more than two weeks without an update. I was beginning to worry about you. XD
bah, if we are counting every sonic game as continuous thanks to generations, Sonic's already died a couple times and came back through the power of beastiality/chaos.
Just get sonic to fight them on a collapsing freeway and they'll be fine after jumping on him a couple times. That or homing attack them.
So many people arguing over sonic continuity... When we have Blaze the cat, a true purple continuity snarl.

The red in the second to last panel is either Metal Sonic overlaying PAM, or PAM just gets "red eyes take warning."
Also, Sonic, you have a homing attack. Of course you can't attack them just by running into them. Why are you going Saurfang the younger on us?
@Frappecinno Or the 2004 I, Robot movie (in almost no relation to the actual short stories or novels. Similar concepts though.)
... hopefully he installed the three laws into her as well. At least then metal sonic will have them too.