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Sorry, I forgot to upload this yesterday!
Who needs a cell phone when you have puppy stationary?
@epierce001: Pfft. Sorry. Prejudice does tend to sneak up on you like that :/
@Pictoshaman: heh. Is that people like him so much? :p
Let a girl dream
Claudette doesn't like change...
I can’t believe that Claudette died twice in under 10 pages :/

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Meet Sheriff Cactus Queen, the the roughest, toughest, needle-slinger in all of Succulentville. Yee-Honk! 🌵
Just a couple of princesses hangin' out
Heads up, the 4th Cirque du Royale ‘episode’, “Please don’t feed the plants” starts on Wednesday! (Hope ya’ll like plant puns)

The comic is now going to update here and Tumblr with single pages on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Tapas will still only update on Thursdays (cause long posts are their thing).
@Morichi: Thank you so much!
I didn't realize this template didn't have a +fav button, so I added one really quick. Thanks for the heads up! <3
That’s all folks! For episode 3 anyway...
Thank you all so much for reading!

I’m working on episode 4 but I’m also going to take a break for a little while. ‘Cirque du Royale’s tumblr will still be updating with random doodles, a couple Pride Month mini comics, and I’ll finally reblog some awesome fanart on there!

“Cirque du Royale” is also on Tumblr: and tapastic:

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And the award for dorkiest smile goes to... Pascal! :D
That's called 'nepotism', Quinn
Alright! Finally all caught up! And on such a nice happy page :p
Aw, the last panel looks like that old "The more you know" logo. Was that intentional?

Dude, this comic is way too cute. Oh my gosh, I love them all!
@Trinketfox: Oh wow, you're way too sweet! This really makes my day after drawing and writing comics nonstop. Thank you so much! <3
A Penelope minisode