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@Excalibeon: or bolt in the headers
@MiniBuizel : its harmony and darren sister
@Guest: lol thats old information
Feel the pain! jk harmony dont deserve this
thats a wacom tablet, right? i have the exact same
@Phoenix : "good thing this not hentei" Question: have you seen Haychel's stuff on furaffinity?
Oh god the first panel...
@Experiment04LLZ: Sadly, this IS a flashback. I think we all know what's probably about to happen.
@VelvetRainbow: He is of the fool, the "jack of all trades"
what's up with sandshrew?
@Dark/Light: here you go
@Dark/Light: did you read the first comic?
@Silver the Eevee: i can also see pinsir and mawile, but not nuzleaf
Happy Birthday!!!
as always, this comic is amazing
@KlownyChuby: what are you talking about??? rogio isnt kargo's ex, roamer is kargo's first love
if only he knew what is going in