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So in end my own characters have a go at me...
Talk about unappreciative!!!
Kidding, I love to add a bit of self-mockery! XD
I was going to end the series in the last comic, but it kinda felt stupid, and not funny stupid. So here is the totally possible and completely original ending! XD
@SketchLines: Yes, Diaman and Double D have gotten some fans over the many different sites I have put them on! I really hope to get a Diaman-based TV one day, and if their comics become popular enough...! :D
Thanks for your nice comment, and just ignore my what for comment in Summer in CQ, I read it first! :P
Usually hot summers here end with a little flood, we have had big ones, but nothing ever too serious.
Unlike this flood! XD
Oh, look who turned up!
I love rain, I like storms, just as long as it doesn't knock the power out...
@SketchLines: Aww thanks Sketchlines! Means alot! I have been getting criticisms on my comics from different sites, so I am working on improving them a bit. I hope to come back and do more one day! Can I ask who was your favourite character?
Diaman can't handle too much bad news, and honestly, I don't blame him!
I just wanna say, I am so glad air con exists! XD
Some people can get creative in thinking of ways to cool off over here! XD
I have never actually seen someone do that, but I have heard stories... :P
It got very hot and very dry in summer, and when storms did roll in, they literally only rained for a few minutes! (And was never much!)
In case you don't get it, the ship in the BG is a reference to Star Wars The Force Awakens.
Diaman thought it would be safe to go outside, but he soon learnt it wasn't! O.o
Hot Summer Mornings!
It got hot really early some days during summer. 40 degrees or higher by 8AM, and if that happened, then you knew it was got to get really hot by mid day.
Sometimes I could even sleep.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Diaman thought he'd surprise everyone, but by the looks of things, it backfired! :P
If you celebrate Christmas hope you are all having a good one!
Hope all you boys and girls have been good this year, if not, you won't get visited by Diaman Clause! :P
(Not that I think you would be disappointed!)
That's all everybody! :D
Thanks for being a awesome audience!
Remember to leave comments on the comics or characters you would like to see more of.
So long!
(Til X-mas eve! o.O)
It is an easy mistake! We all mix up dates! Except the fruit kind... :P
I wish I could levitate like Diaman! Would make it so much easier reaching the top shelf! :D
Not quite what you though when you read the title?
We all like to make us our own special holidays, especially if we have kids! (No-Kid Sundays anyone?!)

Diaman isn't fooled by Double D's trickery! :P