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I like nuzlockes. Picklechus too. I love me some picklechus.

And I'll be giving you a PUN for your money

unless MR Paint or bluefiredragon Beat me to the PUNch
or if I take too long because I'm a procrastinator.

Currently inactive
「STAND MASTER」Shadow the Edgehog
「STAND NAME」Chikorita
This comic gets exponentially better after each page and I love it
@Ian Evans: you're 4 months late, lad
Sonichu makes his obligatory guest appearance in this comic
@TheJGamer: not fried, yes. Not edible... Well, that's quitter talk. Fortunately for you he was never deemed edible as he is a member of Starman's nuzlocke team
Starmanfan here.

So this April Fool's MR Paint and I thought we would fool you by updating our comics... but updating each others instead...!

pretty pranky.

Credit goes to MR Paint for collaborating thoughts and artistic efforts
go check him and his comic out: (Which I just put three new pages in!)

Happy April Fool's Easter

(Wait... April Fool's Easter = A F E ???)
@TheJGamer: w0wser it is indeed back

Thanks. Nice to see that you're still here reading this here awesome comic!

<s>all Nuzlocke comics are welcome in the Starmanfan Empire</s>
The End
That's about all I have in store for you. I'd say not to be a rotten egg and spoil someone else's fun, omelette them have a crack at the grand egg search before you tell them everything in the comments below.

Happy April Fool's Easter, everybody.

Surprise, Surprise.
We're back again! With another page!

To elaborate on the easter eggs, the eggs in question are references to several other nuzlockers on the website. So if you see some weird symbol, assume it's a reference.

Don't get too scrambled in your attempts to find and figure them out.

Happy Easter.
MR Paint is busy at the moment, so I'm here to upload the page for him. There are Easter eggs scattered throughout the pages that will be uploaded today. Can you find them all? Don't crack up frying too hard.

And yes, you heard me right, PAGES, that will be uploaded today. Stay tuned for more.

I can't read that text in the fourth panel... Could you make it either outlined or darker?
@TheJGamer: I'm sure it's nothing a trip to the pokemon center can't fix
I somehow managed to upload another (half of a) page within a week? Go me!

I would have uploaded this in one piece, but I couldn't fit it all on one page, I also didn't consider it an entirely independent page. So it remains as the second half of page 15.

If you look real hard, you may or may not see drastic improvement from the last page in some areas... AND some wonky panel art differences. This is because this page and the last were made actually really early last year (Around when I said I would update, heh.) But I kept tweaking them and altering certain parts of the page. Maybe it looks all the same to you. I can sure tell the differences though.

Special thanks once more to MR Paint (basically the co-author at this point) for giving me confidence to upload, and that he looked it over and gave me improvement tips. Read his comics even if they're not updating!

Special thanks to Ian Evans, whose comic had a sneaky little shoutout telling me to update, pushing me to finish this page. Check 'im out.

Special thanks to you, for once again putting up with my terrible work ethic. I hope to see you next week.
I didn't appreciate this joke back when this came out as much as I do now
I'm glad that I can spot out and understand several of these references



thank you
what species is the pink dad