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I like nuzlockes. Picklechus too. I love me some picklechus.

And I'll be giving you a PUN for your money

unless MR Paint or bluefiredragon Beat me to the PUNch
or if I take too long because I'm a procrastinator.

I'm not kidding about that procrastination part like
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I can't read that text in the fourth panel... Could you make it either outlined or darker?
@TheJGamer: I'm sure it's nothing a trip to the pokemon center can't fix
I somehow managed to upload another (half of a) page within a week? Go me!

I would have uploaded this in one piece, but I couldn't fit it all on one page, I also didn't consider it an entirely independent page. So it remains as the second half of page 15.

If you look real hard, you may or may not see drastic improvement from the last page in some areas... AND some wonky panel art differences. This is because this page and the last were made actually really early last year (Around when I said I would update, heh.) But I kept tweaking them and altering certain parts of the page. Maybe it looks all the same to you. I can sure tell the differences though.

Special thanks once more to MR Paint (basically the co-author at this point) for giving me confidence to upload, and that he looked it over and gave me improvement tips. Read his comics even if they're not updating!

Special thanks to Ian Evans, whose comic had a sneaky little shoutout telling me to update, pushing me to finish this page. Check 'im out.

Special thanks to you, for once again putting up with my terrible work ethic. I hope to see you next week.
I didn't appreciate this joke back when this came out as much as I do now
I'm glad that I can spot out and understand several of these references



thank you
what species is the pink dad
@TheJGamer: Oh no it's the SJ nuzlockers cuuuuuurse

In all seriousness, it does seem to afflict more and more of us here nuzlockers. Thanks man, no offense taken whatsoever, and I appreciate that you're still a fan. :)

(I don't think your comic is crap though, but I'd like to think you've most definitely improved in your writing and art skills since your last update. I'm also glad that you're moving on to other things!)
It's been a while
Well, it sure has been a while hasn't it...?

Hopefully, this isn't some stupid one time thing for the year, and I'll be back with another update soon.

Special thanks to my friend MR Paint for proofreading this page and giving me confidence to call it good enough to upload. And, although he doesn't update his comic much anymore, I still say go check him out.

And special thanks to you, for putting up with my annoying procrastinating habits.
It was nice while it lasted...

I'm glad you're doing what you want to do though.

Good luck in moving on and improving in serious art
ged is quite the ladies man
"Will you marry me?"

"are you all this cute?"

etc further the romance plz
@Ian Evans: your email address
@artofjoe: I mean he is CHARMing after all
@artofjoe: It's slowly evolving into pokemon ged version
This pleases me so much I love this series
There goes my conspiracy theory
@artofjoe: if he's indirectly calling her pretty and it moves the relationship further I'm happy with this