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I like nuzlockes. Picklechus too. I love me some picklechus.

And I'll be giving you a PUN for your money

unless MR Paint or bluefiredragon Beat me to the PUNch
or if I take too long because I'm a procrastinator.

I'm not kidding about that procrastination part like
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This pleases me so much I love this series
There goes my conspiracy theory
@artofjoe: if he's indirectly calling her pretty and it moves the relationship further I'm happy with this
steamy best description
@Ultima527: explodINNg cookies
@Ian Evans: So, correctly speaking, I am hindering your progress in making fun of yourself?
@Ian Evans: I feel like saying nobody would hinder my true linguistic abilities, as well as everyone else's
ged almost peed his pants seeing her for the first time
@Ian Evans: oh but I wish that on ged
even she knew it wasn't uncalled for
@Ian Evans: I dunno man you tell me
@Ian Evans: but was it UNCALLED for
@artofjoe: but was it uncalled for
@Ian Evans: ask the people that made the slogan?
"eternally green"
does this mean we get a color comic?
September 17th, 2017
you do this to us every page man
also Ged didn't listen to the professor's words
September 16th, 2017
q + xw = half life
This has been one wild ride full of tears and laugther