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I love to do fun things,things that you can be creative with like drawing. Goodness, I like to do a lot of things it just depends on what I feel like.
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lol kitty toast rainbow!!!!
My first official comic post and Sam's first official appearance!!! Gah, I have to start inking it.
omg she's so cute!!!!
lol Len and Rin are trying too hard XD
lol he's so cute :)
June 12th, 2011
weeeee!!!! lol
That looked like a long drop
lol i think everybody likes your fillers so you don't have to worry.
aww that is so adorable!!! :3
can I do pg38?
he's not a bully, he just likes to fight people :P bullying is what jerks do but he'll gladly beat up the jerks for him :)
k I fixed it. Thanx for telling me superman
omg I'm loving this very much!!! The art is beautiful and the story is absorbing!
<3 your art is awesome!!!
sorry for the MIA. My first actual story line post!!and I'm sorry for the not so great quality.
I'll post next!!! unless I get beat to it.
I love the faces :]
Sorry for the MIA. It's long past overdue for me posting anything. The guy in the red is just some random person I drew. I didn't realize how big their heads are. @.@ and sorry about the scratchiness. Don't worry, he doesn't kill people, just sends them to the hospital.
oohh she's so cute!!!
lol, I love how she's running with her arms up in the air, it looks like she's about to fly :)