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4 ARMS!!!
Is Greg finally becoming a vandal?
A plateau! How flat is his head?
@lazesummerstone: (Oryx comes out of nowhere and takes the knight because he did a bad job)
@lazesummerstone: love how watermelon has no idea that he killed the dreg's boss in one of the earlier pages, where his ghost told him that he wasn't dead
@lazesummerstone: no further comment nesessary
@lazesummerstone: lol this reminds me of a time. When I first started playing destiny, the hive were something I would avoid (Everywhere I was getting killed by swordbearers!) So one day, when I needed to get to the skywatch, I went through and killed everything. But then my OCD kicked in, and I saw some bright red on my radar. I had something left to kill. So I went up, and punched it, and all these thrall came at me, and then I was killed by the hand of oryx. I never went through the skywatch for a whole week. Anyway, nice comic!
@lazesummerstone: Next Comic, we find out Watermelon has been DeadPool all this time! :0 He just wears human skin!
@Iron: He does! Not many people know about it though

Nice comic!
@lazesummerstone: made this my wallpaper when you posted on twitter
@lazesummerstone: Sucess. You have done it. Now create more comics, or destiny dies. Your choice. XD LOL
It's been a While since You have made a Comic! Maybe If you have enough time, the next one can be about Watermelon Exo trying to find a date for Crimson Doubles!