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20|Law Major|Gay to the dimes and back|Dead inside and requires memes and webcomics to reboot
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She wants to know the deets
I dont even think java comes installed half the time.
Ima just observe the priceless shock.
He went full mario there
@FastPuck: Yeah it is! dw, you've got it right xD
It's just funny being able to read yue outside of, well, anywhere tbh. I'm technically a HK expat and reading yue just makes me laugh lol
Hes also a very sad sad bitter man. I feel bad for them all, tbh.
Sybil thought she was bad.
Darcy takes dark to a WHOLE new level.
I mean I called it, but I love how Kim is still denying the fact he cares and hiding it under anger.

Not really, but I love it for the plot. eheh.
He tried to stop her from leaving, he tripped her up, she immediately assumed the worst and given his track record I dont blame her.
Thats the grimace of "that is entirely not the reason Im mad at you Im mad at you because you nearly died you wheedling ass"

I know, I see it on my.mothers face far too often for other reasons
Uh oh.
Uh oh. Tightly locked family memories lead nowhere good.
This guy. Kind of guy you sock one in a bar. Or maybe two. Or three.
Or enough to knock him out and into a coma bUt wHoS cOuNTinG
June 27th, 2019
Snippity snappity and like that he goes bippity boppity and boos all over em.
I approve.
The amount of what the fuckery on the mans face, he opened it fully expecting things other than a dick in there
Love is a weird emotion.
Still, the juvenile part of me is screaming murder about how he wont just say it plainly. Maturity winning tho.
June 22nd, 2019
Vivi is the kind of friend you love but are easily exasperated by lul