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20|Law Major|Gay to the dimes and back|Dead inside and requires memes and webcomics to reboot
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Renee looks beyond devastated lmfao
April 16th, 2019
A whole YEAR
and this teacher hasn't considered asking Cricket even once?!
She's snide. I don't like it, but the plot device is there for a reason, so I'll go with it.
I do believe I see a feelings
I approve, Sooch is exploring himself and it's pretty clear he's caught something. I'd hesitate to call it feelings obviously (that first bit is more a tease joke than actual belief) but if the first panel's anything to go by, there's a fondness showing there that I haven't seen for a while.
@WappityWap: as far as I was aware, mauna was slang for a shit so large it was visible. Makes a lot more sense in the context of la madre over there hates them more than anything so.
Im not sure whos going to end up injured here, honestly.
@Purple lizard boy: evidently not. But omegalul Nates gonna hit him I'm calling it now, it's gonna happen because we know he's got the strength to
D A M N.

The amount of real just punched me so hard into the gut I shook myself out of the stupor I was in.
Hey, tricks are, in my opinion, better than destructive magic. Piss them off until they make a mistake, then fuck them when they aint expecting it.
But in all fairness, if theyre too drunk to remember, then fine, Ill tolerate it
Id say thats lightheartening but given his brother basically chewed him out for following his heart I cant say I find him tripping amusing just this once. Im salty over brooke bc rly now, logic over everything leads to damnation. All the plans in the world cant account for twists just as the mind cant account for emotional overrides.
March 20th, 2019
If my boyfriend so much as picks it up Im slapping him and the mayo bottle out the front door good god
Did he forget how hard the other rat got facesmashed lol
Yall need to calm down.
People have their own views and opinions. Fighting on a comment thread serves no purpose other than to fan flames on a webcomic that we all enjoy.

If you don't like something that YOU HAVENT CREATED, the authors themselves reserve the right to make the final decision to take your view into account or not. Whether or not someone agrees with it is inconsequential.

The fact remains, Vagus is male. So is Leon. Their relationship is consequently homosexual. There is NOTHING anyone of us can do to change this. As is, moaning about it does nothing.

On the point of making opinions, if you're going to ask someone to not extend their point, you have no right to extend your own. Like attracts like, and treat thy neighbour as you wish to be treated also. Sexuality has nothing to do with it. If you want to cut people's opinions off and ignore the offense you cause by doing so, you in turn acknowledge that you have no right to be offended if the same behaviour is given to you.

There's no need to throw slander at one another. @comercole, calling someone a retard is completely unnecessary. @Carmen Sandiego, vice versa for calling people idiots. It's no more polite than calling someone a retard.

Tl;dr: yall need to calm yourselves. fighting about something you cant change doesnt change anything. Everyones allowed their own opinion. Don't insult one another to make your own voice heard. it's disrespectful and it demeans yourself.

With regard to the story:
well shit hit the fan real quick there didn't it
Thats a terrifying chimeraberus
"Its heart beats fast now!"
"It knows."
- tfw Kindreds lines kinda apply here
@Guest: He literally just unmade a gun, five bucks says that unmaking power extends to molecular disintegration also.

@Anon: This is ennui we're talkin about here. On a scale of 1-10 (1= impossible) from all the pages you've read, how realistic do you think your hope is? : ^ )

Also Izzy has a rather manic sense on reality, doesn't she.
Kim is going to walk out and his heart is going to skip a beat for more than one reason, especially where his emotions are concerned lemme tell ya

His poor boi is on the floor, bruised and out and his poor barn is alight, that's gonna give him a heart attack
Vispera yae don goofed