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Twinss R.
I'm awesome. My brain is a work of art. (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ

All in all: Artist. Writer. Happy human being. :D
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Yeap, this is totally in-character. Very funny too. XD
Twinss R.
February 7th, 2017
BADASS IRENA!! Go for it!! >:D >:D
Twinss R.
January 31st, 2017
Aww I love how romantic Ian is here... <3

By the way, this is completely irrelevant but... did smackjeeves mess things up, or did you change some kind of a feature? :P

I have your comic in my RSS feed (although I have a smackjeeves account, I won't log in other than to comment) and when I checked my RSS feed it said "Live Bookmark feed failed to load". So, I clicked on the page 163 that was still showing in my RSS feed (it basically showed the pages I had already read, but not the "updates") and smackjeeves said "This domain is no longer hosted by Smack Jeeves".
Apparently, the website used to be "" while now it is "". I understand you most likely stopped the premium membership? However, if I try to re-do the RSS feed again, it woooon't open! It takes me to "" and that doesn't really show anything...! What to do? D;
Twinss R.
December 20th, 2016
@EmmaVieceli: Wooo nice big replies. XD
Thanks for responding, and also thank you for not misunderstanding my point of view. :)
I understand what you mean though, and it is correct that this comic, and this platform is not the best place for this kind of conversation.

But anyway! YAY gay romance! XDD (I repeat that I understand your point of view, but I will not continue the conversation for the reason that this is not the best place to do so :) )
I can not entirely disagree with you bbbbut, I will leave it at that. XD

Again, thank you for not misunderstanding my point of view. :)
Twinss R.
December 20th, 2016
@MeTheAmazing: I have absolutely no problem with people wearing anything they fancy, to be honest.
What is uncomfortable is the matter of ethnicity. It's different a white woman wearing it because she likes it, and different an Arab woman wearing it, because her religion dictates her to do so.
I believe it'd be unfair to touch the subject of religion in this lovely comic, so I will only talk about ethnicity. It is, naturally wrong, when people leave their homelands and go to other countries. I know there's currently a war in Syria, that is thankfully being taken care of (I mean, it is currently being dealt with) and some women need to immigrate to other countries in order to stay alive (and of course, return to their home when the war is over).

But when people become *too* acceptable to the Arab (and whoever) women coming from another ethnicity, and they are *too* willing to let these women stay *forever* to their countries (obviously, different ethnicities, different cultures, and so on) then problems arise as the Arab women will gradually forget or lose their own identity, and their own homeland, if they keep immigrating to other places.

So yes, this is what makes me uncomfortable. It'd be the same if Indians move to other countries and such, and they (as it happens, naturally) become a part of a strange (to them) culture and society.
An ethnicity can lose its identity, its culture, its beliefs and its own DNA (if race mixing is also put in the picture).
Twinss R.
December 19th, 2016
Oh dear, my comment will most likely be heavily judged but... I hope I'm wrong but... is that a muslim girl on the first panel? (I assume that's a muslim because of the thing they wear on their head)

If yes, then that's a bit... sad. And uncomfortable. I'd feel the same way if you drew an Indian in the classroom (the one with the feathers on the head); and that's because he wouldn't belong there. He'd belong to his home with his family.
Well, I hope I'm wrong anyway.

As for Tommy Chen... pff... Cort goes from one dork to another. XD
Twinss R.
December 13th, 2016
Dear god, how much I LOVE!!! the expressions you draw! (the artist draws XDD And the author imagines! XD I give credit to both)

In all honesty though, I have seen great progress in regards to the artistic and anatomic aspect of the comic.
Not that it was any bad earlier! Oh god no! This comic had began beautifullyyyy but apparently... it gets even better!

As for the script and such, first of all I wanna say that I really love the dialogue in this page... It's so realistic, and very, very meaningful... I love Cort's change of expressions and how the pacing flows as a whole.

Secondly, and last thing I wanna say... I am so so so so happy that this comic is not like...
...well, I could tell from the start (you CAN tell when someone has really put the effort and their all towards a specific project), but I'm grateful that this comic is not like your average stupid "yaoi" (boys' love, whatever ;P) stereotypical bullshit.
I feel it's important to mention that here. I had started reading a similar comic to your own (when I say "similar" I mean that it was boys' love, and it was not a manga; the scenario was entirely different from your own) and I had high hopes for it, but along the way the story just... declined? I'm not sure what verb to use here; it just became very bad. How one boy *suddenly* fell in love with the other and all that... It was a disappointment!
BUT your comic...!! It is really great! The way the boys came closer and such, and now that they are together hoho... everything has flown very nicely, smoothly, and "canon" as they say.

So yeah, thank you for the time you spent in making this story as realistic as it can get. Thank you for investing your time in this, because some people have not realized that it's not just "two pretty boys making out with each other", but it's about emotions, realistic dialogue, realistic scenes (scenes that come out of everyday life) and a change of pace - depending on what you want to give to your audience/readers... You've achieved that. *thumbs up

Keep it up. :')
Twinss R.
July 11th, 2016
@raephium: I wouldn't make him so old! O:
I do make him 16-17... Oh god, this is embarrassing, I don't really know the characters' actual ages...? *hides in a cave
Twinss R.
July 11th, 2016
This entire page is so dynamic!!! O:
I think it must be one of your most dynamic pages? (well, the circumstances call for it ;) )

I really love the eerie perspective in the panel at the center of the page. Really, great perspective in this one, it truly makes the entire page extremely dynamic.
*Fifty pages later... XD
Twinss R.
February 23rd, 2016
Oooooh my life is compleeeeete!!!!

EDIT: DAMNIT HOLD ON Cort closed his eyes in the last panel!! S-sososososo.......... So........ Oh... Oh...... *brain explodes