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-Throws all my artwork in a trashcan-
-Throws self in trashcan.-

I'm so depressed and unproductive. Maybe my comics will rot on this side of the internet forever. I shouldn't talk like that but I'm so unmotivated it hurts.

Someday I'll look back at my failing webcomics and cringe. Cringe internally because they are so cliche.

Still busy as heck. Life needs to slow down so I can chill maaaaaaan. Oh god I'm growing up to be Pascal.
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@BadChick19: Omfg I was thinking the same thing.
Can they just cuddle? Pls let them awkwardly cuddle it's adorable.
I'm very interested in the medium you use to do your comic in. Its very beautiful. The colors just flow together greatly and its very soothing. Not only that your plotline is captivating. I want to say that they're copic markers but something tells me its traditional mixed with digital? Or am I mistaken?
I'm really fond of those hanging plants. I've drawn a few objects like that myself. His whole house reminds me of a local coffee shop I go to. Also it seems that he likes to garden and that's adorable.
Use refs. I cannot stress this enough. Its really embarrassing and hard at first (Esp for porny stuff more than normal body positions) but it will benefit you greatly. I cannot tell you how many times I've had to use "ITS FOR REFERENCES" When people ask about my search history. Also don't be afraid to experiment and try things you see other artists do.

On another note the coloring on this page is fantastic. I've always liked how you've colored things. And don't feel bad for struggling with anatomy in nsfw scenes. Its one of the hardest things to do in art. Trust me.
His mom just sounded like my mom there.
So sorry for the delay. My laptop doesn't have a USB cable to connect to the scanner. I've been uploading from the family computer. A computer my father has password locked. My sister wanted on the computer today so I let her on and she trollishly locked the computer down preventing me from scanning and updating. For now have a pixel I doodled on my laptop in pure rage at my sisters trollish actions. On the bright side the next page will be up tomorrow if the scanner is on and the computer as well. One can only hope in this household.

On another note I don't have familial support with this comic endeavor. They're like the most unsupportive people I know. Everyone else thought starting this was a great idea. I know I thought it was. But there will be times that I'm working on this and they'll make me pick up my stuff entirely and move to a completely different place because "I need this space to read."

Anyway ignore the long rant. I'll be getting a Patreon soon if I can figure out how Patreon works on the creator side of things. Maybe then I can afford to buy a scanner and USB cable of my own.

Also these are the tools I use! I know a lot of you guy's probably aren't interested in the tools I use but here they are:

The only thing missing from the imgs above is my set of crayola water colors.

Anyway enjoy the Aaron pixel. I'm sorry its the only thing I have to offer for this update tonight.
I ruined it with markers.
Well at least chapter 1 will be finished in the next few updates. ONTO CHAPTER TWO. And the Halloween short I plan on drawing.
Ahh this is so cute I love your babies.
Insert bad starwars line: "ITS A TRAP!"
I still can't get over the fact that he whacked his face on the door searching for Chip. Like he literally cares that much to keep searching for him after he hurt himself. I mean that's what it feels like when you're searching for someone important to you. Even if you get hurt you keep trying to find them. I love these characters because they aren't stagnant and seem real.
These dorks. They're so...Adorkable.
@annann: I won't say I'm in lovveeee. No chance no way I won't sayyy itt. -Continues obnoxious singing of Hercules song.-
That last panel is me running away from work.
Hello there. Curious about anything in this comic? Ask a question! I know its fairly short but I want to reveal a few things through reader questions. You can also ask questions about the authors themselves or other comics.
I'm so unmotivated it hurts. It takes me 3+ hrs to draw every page... It took even longer to draw the banner since I did it with a mouse. SO MUCH TIME ON THAT WATER LILY I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE. I'm still not that great with a mouse. I might try to color pages. But, idk if I have the will power to continue doing things with a mouse. I should start working on the next pages for my other comics but I think I'm going to focus most of my free time on this one for now.
This made my day. Hugging it out is the best way things can go.
This is a great update. Especially since it landed on my birthday. Not only that but he had this coming.