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Ahahahahahaha I don't even use this account anymore.
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oh did i make it seem like i didn't like his name?no i like his name.i dont like the picture.i seem to slowly lose my ability to draw pikachus.
another page!of randomness.....really...i didn't know how to start the chapter i started sketching randomly.
creative huh?i cant even think of a title for the chapter...
a page!finely!but i dont like it very much....
yeah!his name!
enjoy the comic!
argptojswklfnbjgththdng!im sorry!im so very sorry! :<
i haven't posted anything in at least 2 working on some right now!so there should be a page soon!and sorry....i even said last gonna do more i can make my fans happy. ;_;
September 27th, 2010
...poor atty. :<
September 25th, 2010
atty looks so cute! >w< and im not one to say stuff like this....only to characters i love!
wheee...ish... it is.
haha!i dont know.i always just looked at eevees as made her a girl.
thanks! :D i will!its nice to have a little encouragement once in a while. :)
i think this looks silly now! :D
yeah.cherry's a girl. ^^" haha.did she seem boy like?
~whistles~ color.but now you know two of there names. :3
be happy.i actually updated.

hey....come on...tell me his name....i know you can remember. ^w^ alright you probably cant....anything that said his name either yucky looking or i didn't i deleted them....

edit : o__o....why are you...winking luke?
w-wha-what....?i want more. D': i haven't read this in at least two years.and now i cant stop....
and the sailor moon theme gets stuck in my head so frikin easily....
i am that lazy.that i spend all day watching ghost hunters stupid videos and animating for stuff never to be shown.and i cant spend what...30 mins on a comic page for you guys?my god...i gotta start working.....

uh.....yeah...that would have to be one of the most hideous pikachus i have ever done.
August 1st, 2010
i got three losing some fans from my other comic.....and i got a tablet....what could be better....
i dont know what im talking about.....
but i gotta say rinidra is scaring me in the last panel! o_o
ok...i hope you can read it..
sorry it took so long...i was testing out my tablet and then i lost the tablet pen....but i found it!and i whipped this up for you!
well....tiny not so tiny. never introduced many of you can tell me there names?

edit: darn!did i forget the cheeks in all the panels?!god i suck.
huh? ;-;
*sniff* what happened to the sweet Hillaree i knew? ;-;
:D thank you! ^-^