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I'm crazy, loud, and not afraid to have a little fun. I love basketball and band as well as reading and writing. Drawing of course is also something I love to do especially with my lovely mechanical pencils. <3

Yaoi is ok but some decent yuri is way better. You know, a good yuri comic with a dash of plot. Mmmm nothing better XD xP
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To Shuuichi-
Bickett:...>.< *walks slowly away with the candycane head bowed down*

Me: >.> Ouch...

To Angichan-

Thanks ^^
Update more I say! ^^ lol I love this comic and look forward to every update! It's good to see a decent yuri comic up!! Keep up the awesome work! :3
To Shuuichi- ^^'
Yeah...Bickett's taken a fancy to Kuro..surprise surprise..
Bickett- T//T *smacks Silver*
meep >.< Poor guy better know he doesn't have a chance >.>

To Zeal- Thanks ^^'

To Wasabipea- Hahaha I know what ya mean about the fixing up the room and finding the paper bit. ^^' Moving sucks but once ya get used to it, it'll be fine! Good luck with that! ^^ And thanks for the comment!
To Appendagechild: Thanks ^w^

To Penccoon- *ish huggled*
Thank you ^^' I was hoping you'd like it..and I hope I got everything atleast half way right on Mousou.
^^' eh heh I like you Nathen <3 Honest.


Ideas are good OwO
Mmk so
Mmk so ^^' No coloring this time unfortunately..the bow on the candycane is supposed to be black though. Remember Bickett likes dark beauty ^w^.
And I love Mousou x3 so there he is.

Bickett: >//<
Kittyfish: *SQUEE* OwO *nuzzle*

Me: Awww ^w^ tis cute. And yes..that's about right for Kitty fish.
Bickett: ^^' I said you could pet 'im. He likes attention.

Kittyfish: *Squee* OwO

Me: No problem ^^' I'm just not that great at coloring on the computer and my colored pencils never show up because my scanner is crap T_T I'll try to do more colored comics though ^w^ I actually have an upcoming comic with one of your characters in it :3
Me:^w^ yep he's colored pretty much exactly like my phone :3

Bickett: It was..quiet. I like quiet. So yes..I enjoyed it. It was spent mostly taking pictures.
I decided to delete the other 'Questions' comic because it sucked xP Here's a colorful picture of him since his hair and eye color were asked for. Questions may continue here :3 Don't be afraid to ask more then 1 question!
*w* you make him so pwetty! Thank youuu *hugs*

Bickett: I promise to be quiet if I can take a picture of yew :3
Yayyy bickett ^w^
^w^ So yes...this is Bickett. He loves taking pictures as you can see..especially of kitty fish. Anyone wanna draw him? OwO pwease? lol And let me know if you want your character drawn with him. Say if they are photogenic. x3