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vera kulikov
Just going into college, I thought it was finally time to pursue a side dream I've always wanted to do. Sit back, relax, and read my comic if you feel like it!
Also, don't hesitate to message me about anything, I don't bite ^_^

extra art and stuff on twitter!
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great angle!
I love how the purple eyed guy is like, "uh oh"
vera kulikov
September 17th, 2016
@Inkdragon: Thanks for the rating! Glad you like the panel :)
vera kulikov
September 17th, 2016
@AvianSkies: Thanks! He's adorable isn't he? (I'd like to think so!)
vera kulikov
September 17th, 2016
@Inkdragon: Lol I feel the same...I guess my internal jealousy goes into the art ^_^
By the way, thanks so very very much for all of the lovely comments! So much support is greatly appreciated and makes all the work of making a comic that much more worth it!
Last page on smackjeeves guys! ;_;, but Wednesday 7 is not over! Just come over to tapastic to keep getting updates. I'll kind of miss smackjeeves but tapas just seemed like the right platform. Check it out here from now on and subscribe for notifications:

See you on Tapastic guys!
Shiny Merc! Thank you so much for tuning in, see you all next Saturday! Wednesday 7 is moving over to taptastic, so if you want to keep reading come on over:
WedSev on topwebcomics:
Ahhh!!! I'm so excited we've finally arrived here! The fantasy part of the comic finally shows itself! What does it mean? Well, it will still be a while till that's revealed, but mostly on tapastic. I've decided to move Wednesday 7 over there, so only about 3 more pages here. The comic is here:
Wed7 on the topwebcomics:
The meeting continues, and will for a little bit. See you on Saturday, thank you so much for tuning in, it really means a lot! Toodles for now!
Vote for Wednesday 7 on topwebcomics here:
And the winning word was...important! Pretty cliche, huh? Oh well, at least the story's progressing. Here we are introduced to Penn, Merc's kind of mentor figure. It's kind of amazing to finally see this meeting in the comic, more next Saturday!
Also, on kind of a sad note, Wednesday 7 may be leaving smackjeeves, probably going to tapastic.
Here's the link!:
WedSev on topwebcomics:
You never know when it might be something...what? I think a variety of words could work there, but we'll know what Merc means in the next page. Thanks so much for tuning in, excited to see you all next Saturday!
WedSev on topwebcomics:
Hey everyone, so we meet two times this week, what a blast! When someone mysterious knocks on the door what does one do? Then next page will tell all!
Show some love for WedSev on topwebcomics!:
Hey everyone, hope you've had a great week so far! Here's the next update, but not a page that I am happy kind of as an apology, I'll add an extra update on the upcoming Wednesday. Hope you like it!
If ya want, Wednesday 7 can use your help at topwebcomics!:
Also on tapas here:
Next page has arrived, with a whole bunch of attitude from Benjy and a bunch of optimism from Merc. Thank you for the support, excited to see you all next week!
As for tapas, which is the mirror website, I may be switching to there...this is kind of a heads up!
Here's the extra update! Again, I hope everyone has a great new years, I wish everyone joy, health, and excitement for the next year. I'm excited for another year of Wednesday 7, thanks again!
WedSev on webcomics:
And the cats out of the bag, literally! Everyone say hello to Benjy the one and sadly only cat of the comic. Ready for more Benjy next Saturday? I sure am!
Hey everyone! Saturday has arrived, which means a new update. When you land a new apartment like this, you take it, no questions asked! Thanks a bunch for tuning in, see you all next Saturday!
@Respheal: lol, yeah so Merc was actually trying to hide Benjy cuz of a no-pets-allowed kind of deal but in the end they didn't even care to check so...yeah! Still not sure about tapas, I'll see in a bit.
Posting the 13th page on the 13th day...bad juju? I don't know! What I do know is that drawing that room took forever, but it was worth it, since we finally have a place for Merc to stay!

On a side note, WEDNESDAY 7 finally has a taptastic account! Check it our here to support:
Don't know for sure yet, but I may be moving over to that site...but I've kinda gotten attached to the style of smackjeeves, we'll see what the future holds! [url] [/url]

Toodles till next Saturday!
Your comic seems very cool so far. I'm glad I found it!
@megamaster: You should totally keep updating, I'd be very excited to see more pages. As for art trades, I think at the moment I need a little break...but maybe in a few weeks!