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Derp. You wasted your life reading this bio.

If you wish to talk to me on Skype, LET ME KNOW.
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No comments for this week, I am currently in a rush. Enjoy this week's update.
No comments for this week.
@T-Wrecks57: Aw... someone's cranky.
@Shard : Ah I see it, man, I am not even gonna bother with it for now. I am too tired.

I suppose I'll fix it by Tuesday night or Wednesday.
Now we are back to the main show. Meteor: The Takedown!

Nah, I joke. It's still Katsu's book.
Have an update from me this week. I had to preupload this in advance before I head off to work.
@Shard: Tch, I have been working on The Takedown for longer- get up on my level.

No, those are not tears. There's something in my eye. Shut up.
@RoninHunt0987: Mate, I know you are getting excited about the closing chapter. I understand the excitement about predicting what's going to happen, but please, please keep the comments to an absolute minimum number.

Personally, I think it's getting a bit really weird and creepy.
@Shard: Quoting people doesn't count.
Actual legit conversation between us taken in form of pixellated colors.
Featuring Niv from the slightly more popular comic than The Takedown, AWARE.

Hey, look, if Ket is going to be involved one way or another...
@Shard : Tears from laughter because you are so damn funny when you think you are so intimidating.
What? Did you think I was the only one? Nah.
Mike, guy, if I knew you well, you and I could get along well.

Also, this is probably bad news, isn't it? Ket is going to have to pay the full price for the rent in her headspace now that Jax had moved out.
Jax shouldn't be the one to talk. He's practically a ghost, she survived longer and worse things than he could've at this point.
@Shard : You know fully well that she ainnit gonna put it back.
I should be heading on the way back home as of today, but in the meantime, do enjoy this week's update!
I am out on vacation. However, you are very fortunate! I managed to get enough time in to do this week AND the next week's update. Do enjoy them while I am gone!
@Shard: Still can't believe that happened.