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And here, we have another issue where the panel gets really, really wonky. At first I was planning to make a montage here, but few months later (up to few days ago) I decided it's probably the best to just keep the pace as it is. Despite that, I think I may have exceed the usual numbers to end a chapter and start a new one with. I don't see any end to this chapter until next year, honestly.

But who knows?!

But in the meantime, do enjoy the new weekly update of The Takedown!
What? No, it's spider-man, obviously.
Here, let me steal something from Niv...

"Y'know, I've been sitting here for like, five minutes, trying to figure out what to put in this author comment and I have decided, heck it, I give up, your author comment is me complaining that I don't have anything to put in this author comment." - Aware, Niv, 2017
Why is the white pupper considered as a monster? I want three of them.
@TheHowlingStorm : SHHHHH, we don't speak of its name either.

@Shard : It's a mirable.

@JG : Christ, I don't even know when the last time I emptied it out.
Most of our most horrific creations and ideas are usually scrapped into the recycle bin. God knows what I have in there... it's been years since I had looked into there. Literally years.

Hm, I should really empty it out. Give me a second here.
It's like Heart never moved since the last comic.
This one took me a while to synchronize the flickering between the personas. I did not expect to take me much longer than I aimed it to be. However, I am still glad how it came out. Much better than I expected anyway.

We should be out of this problematic situation very, very soon. But I am curious, what do you guys thinks is going to happen next?
@TheJGamer : I quite frankly don't know what to tell you but it isn't a dimensional crack.

@Shard : Yeah, but the thing is... without the text boxes or the animated section... it didn't even look small at all.
And here we have a bit of a fun thing going on, stay tuned next week for more developments! We'll get out of this really soon, I promise.

Okay, maybe, it depends on your term of "soon."
@gatemaster: Which one's waifu tho. There are so many Randys.
Just a reminder, this actually happened and it was completely out of my hand. I had so little control on the occurring scenario. I had to push through it by just posting reactions and how Katsu would interact with an overwhelming issue. The issue? His existence as a real person, or just a character made through nothing but images and texts.
>Approach the twins and have a kinky threesome.

>Before doing that, invest 10 points into charisma.
Yeah, I know it should've been updated last Sunday like I had stated. I had a last minute change of plans and a lot of things had gotten thrown into my plate at once on Sunday. I had to put this off for a while, and wanting to update it as soon as possible had reminded me that I should get the timeline plot for this comic done as soon as possible. I had used this update as a hostage to get myself motivated to finish the timeline as planned.

So, thankfully for a temporarily self-destructive and inflicted method, I had managed to pull up a very simple and basic design of the timeline plot for this comic. It exhibits three to five lines going down as the time continues on. You will see it in few moments if you follow the link here.

If you have any questions, you can post them here and I am already working on this week's update for Sunday so I can preset it as soon as possible.

Once again, I am sorry for the late update. I had a lot of things thrown unto my plate and I had to get things done quickly as possible- especially having a surgery done just few hours ago and I am already on my way to recovery.

The update can also be seen in MGcomics in the next few minutes! Enjoy last week's update!
@Shard: Salt is really good for fries though.
Ah yes! The ladder poses will definitely be useful.
@Shard: Yeah, most likely Két.
-1/10, upgrade DVD to Blu-Ray goddamn it.
Holy hell, I barely can read these texts in the text bubbles.


>Go and escape with Sanctum
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I know, I know, I know! I am late! I am late!

Been really busy as heck as of lately. It just had occurred to me twenty minutes ago that this comic has not been updated as it should've been as of yesterday. So as of right now, I am scrambling to get this comic updated in MGComics as well.

Yeah, speaking of which!

Check it out there if you are more comfortable than using Smackjeeves! or