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Armadillomon, get out of that water. No. Stop.
In other words, git gud.
Every single passing day, this certain quote from Xesperwatch stays true. -that-i
Honestly, I can't get tired of including Acheron in this comic. He's definitely great and has been for years to come.
Anyone remember this lil' shit?

I sure hope someone does!

He's a fun buddy, pal, chum, trouble maker.
I hope the 5th panel isn't hard on the eyes. I tried my best to make it less flashy.

Yes, pun intended.
Sometimes it's really hard to explain things in words... Sometimes it's best to show things, but in this scenario...

He is completely lost on how to handle this. Do you have any idea how you would approach this?

I might would start it off with frustration but you know...
When I saw Jack's new sprites, on instincts, I just told myself quietly...

"Filthy elf..."

At this moment, I finally realized why I hated Jack so much. I identify as an alcoholic caffeinated cracked-up Dwarf now.
@jameswolf100: NO! GO FOR TEN TIMES A WEEK!

Okay maybe two...
@Shard : Really? Was that how it was? Huh... I don't remember much of it, honestly.
He can't be more clear than that, Eulla.

Jesus Almighty Christ, Eulla. Give the little man a break here.
Fun fact, he is actually into both girls and boys. That is a thing.

But that's not the point of this issue.

Eulla likes to undermine people who works with her. I like to think that it makes her a bit more relatable deity than a "I AM A HOLY PIOUS MOTHER OF GOD!"
This issue had been a really bitch to work with, honestly. It took me many hours to get the rendering and dithering to an absolute minimum as possible. The only thing that has suffered from all of the rendering the animation were the colors on Meteor's skin.

Although, I really hope it really didn't bother a lot of people while I took this chance to experiment an animated panel.
Yeah, it's quite odd how a lot of people had went missing for only few weeks and then returned to the campsite. I have no idea what happened there.

And by no idea, I really meant that I don't even remember AND have no idea why that has occurred.
@Shard : Totally hidden behind his long emo-ish bangs.
All of these glorious shitposting
@Shard : He still can be a dick.