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@Shard : Ain't a copycat if it's a common practice. NERD.
Alright, finally! We are back in business! I have some important news that I need to announce. From as of today, I will be updating at least once a week instead of the updating schedule I had taken for nearly several years since the beginning of college days.

After so many changes, I think it's high time to actually start with some consistent update schedule. While I am at it, I need to maintain the updates on MGComics as well. As far as the updating schedule goes, we may have to stick with updates on Tuedays (Maybe the rate of the updates will increase once I start making buffer when I feel like it. I have been feeling so tired as of lately).

Anyway, without further ado! Enjoy the update, don't forget to fave, and leave a comment below!

I'll see you next Tuesday!
Heya all! It may seem a bit very odd for you all to see this today. I am just letting you all know that I am going on Hiatus due to a very exciting turn of events!

I will be hosting comics in two places now. One being this website, of course, I cannot leave this place until I finish this comic. I wouldn't want to leave all of you hanging, wondering how this comic is going to end when that is going to be explained in a whole different place. Rest assured, I will be here to upload all of the works and comics I had made for the past seven years until its very end!

Now, the second location where I will be hosting and uploading my comics will be at MG Comics Front Page!

That's right, you heard/read me. I am an official staff member on the front page at MG Comics. It is also known as Middle Ground Comics.

It can be seen here, .

Joining them also came with few unexpected factors. I have to organize my photos, images, and all of custom works I had collected over these seven years into one place so I can upload them accordingly to the website. I will be spending all of the free time I have working with Lyger, an administrator of MG Comics, on uploading these comics and learn how to take control of the ropes. The method they use to upload comics are very bizarre and I would need some time working out some kinks and bugs. We are also using a new method that Lyger wanted to try out that seems to be very clean and more secure than the old methods they took to upload comics.

This method required organization in the files and comics.

So therefore I need to collect all resources I had made into one place or folder and then upload them. It will take up a lot of free time I have to work on the comics. I am forced to put this place on a hiatus until I finally managed to get the kinks worked out and roll out the updates.

"But Met, you said "we". Who else is going to do the thing you are doing now?" You ask.

Oh yeah, Niv is doing this thing too.

In the meantime, I can answer some questions you have if you leave them in the comments here.
Armadillomon, get out of that water. No. Stop.
In other words, git gud.
Every single passing day, this certain quote from Xesperwatch stays true. -that-i
Honestly, I can't get tired of including Acheron in this comic. He's definitely great and has been for years to come.
Anyone remember this lil' shit?

I sure hope someone does!

He's a fun buddy, pal, chum, trouble maker.
I hope the 5th panel isn't hard on the eyes. I tried my best to make it less flashy.

Yes, pun intended.
Sometimes it's really hard to explain things in words... Sometimes it's best to show things, but in this scenario...

He is completely lost on how to handle this. Do you have any idea how you would approach this?

I might would start it off with frustration but you know...
When I saw Jack's new sprites, on instincts, I just told myself quietly...

"Filthy elf..."

At this moment, I finally realized why I hated Jack so much. I identify as an alcoholic caffeinated cracked-up Dwarf now.
@jameswolf100: NO! GO FOR TEN TIMES A WEEK!

Okay maybe two...
@Shard : Really? Was that how it was? Huh... I don't remember much of it, honestly.
He can't be more clear than that, Eulla.

Jesus Almighty Christ, Eulla. Give the little man a break here.
Fun fact, he is actually into both girls and boys. That is a thing.

But that's not the point of this issue.

Eulla likes to undermine people who works with her. I like to think that it makes her a bit more relatable deity than a "I AM A HOLY PIOUS MOTHER OF GOD!"
This issue had been a really bitch to work with, honestly. It took me many hours to get the rendering and dithering to an absolute minimum as possible. The only thing that has suffered from all of the rendering the animation were the colors on Meteor's skin.

Although, I really hope it really didn't bother a lot of people while I took this chance to experiment an animated panel.
Yeah, it's quite odd how a lot of people had went missing for only few weeks and then returned to the campsite. I have no idea what happened there.

And by no idea, I really meant that I don't even remember AND have no idea why that has occurred.