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Honestly, we should've seen that coming. That was probably one of the most popular choice in that list within the World Suggestion Box page. Oh well, see y'all again on the next world!
@Shard : Wh- Bu- Wh- But I-
@TheHowlingStorm : Yeah, what he said.
Why won't you disguise yourself before visiting islands!?
@Shard : Sometimes you just swear and not even get bothered by something like that.
Adorb Meta Knight is Adorb.
Ever find yourself talking to nobody but yourself? Once you have a conversation with yourself for few minutes, it almost felt... natural? And then when someone just walks in on you and find yourself talking to yourself.

You just snap out of your trance and realized you have been talking to yourself, the feelings of embarrassment grows in your guts?

Never happened to me. Nope.
Did I mention that I also made Eulla sassy? I rarely made her public in any of my writings. I think the only time I had her show up is when she's there to annoy the shit out of Katsu. Like how she does it right now.
At this point, I think I may have made out Eulla as a dork. Honestly, most of the people I had written out to be really dorks or very relatable for no apparent reasons.

Except for Gowof.

He's a butt.
I already had finished the comics and I thought about it for a while and then finally decided to upload these comics a bit earlier than usual!

Also, I often wonder if there is such a place for deities when they die? I mean, where do they go? Did they make the afterlife? Or did they not make the afterlife? Do they go to the same afterlife as mortals? Only one way to find out!
Oh hey, it's that snapback hat girl whose name I forgot. I also see a Hex.
I would assume it's hard to hold a sword without a thumb.
@D-Ranokai: I knew this tumblr post would come in handy. Also, if I may?

You misspelled Howly's name several times.
@Shard : Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
I had to experiment a lot with the text boxes on this one. I had to do few trials and errors to get the exact effect I wanted with it. I needed to make some sort of indication that it's a completely different person.

In other words.

This is not Katsu.


Guess again.
It's been YEARS since we got back to Meteor for this comic. I mean it, it literally has been a year or two since we last saw him interacting with other characters. For fuck's sake, I don't even know exactly how long we had seen him.

Maybe since Gear: The Takedown arc?

But that was over twelve months ago.


You are welcome to go back and read through all of these comics and pinpoint that time for us.
I don't think there is actually salt or any cooking utensils to clean the meat off of animals. Then again, probably wouldn't matter much if you are a guy with lava for blood, all of these food and harmful bacteria is probably going to burn up in the intense heat anyway.
It felt like it has been WEEKS since I had updated this webcomic, but in reality, it actually only had been two weeks exact. It really has been two long weeks for me. At any rate, I am glad I managed to finish this up in time before the last day is up. Honestly, I could've uploaded them last week but I felt like I should stick with the updating schedule as usual so I wouldn't confuse with the rest of yah.