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I apologize for taking so long. I had to host a bachelor's party last weekend so there were no update from last week. I should've mentioned that in the previous upload. This year is going to be another busy one for me. I have a second bachelor's party to host this year as well. Let alone two weddings I gotta attend.

However, the updates will resume regularly for time being on Sundays.

Enjoy this week's update!
Monologuing doesn't even help either.
Hecking rude as fuck. My voice is really low, MY FRIENDS CAN VOUCH FOR ME.
@Shard: Busy as in....? Because I am pretty sure the last time I saw you online, you were playing Orange Juice.
Sorry about this being one hour later than usual, had a lot of stuff happening and I nearly forgot about this comic! Whoopee daisies. But hey, at least it's here now! There's nothing to worry about.

Anyway, what we have here is a bit of a reveal on how they would interact FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

No seriously, after this from now on in, they are best buddies.

Kind of.


Okay, but seriously, friends who hates your guts but still hangs out with you are totally your best buddies. It's how I got Niv in on this.
This looks like the beginning of one of these criminal-slash-detective television show. I call it... "Division of Enforcement Supernatural Unit", in other words... DESU.


Speaking of which.


Made by Niv.
This very particular issue can be recalled from this page, We are going to get into the details in few comics or so. Not going to be a really long one anyway. Speaking of long, this is probably the longest chapter I had done so far.
@Shard : That's actually what she said, if I recall correctly. But that's not in the script. She never goes by the script anyway.
Honestly, I don't have a comment for this week's update. See you next week!
No, it's not like a child of the fused people; but it can be if we think HARD enough.
What would you do if you found your enemy or well-respected rival in the same room when you got home after weeks of wandering? I'd probably crap my pants and ask how much they have eaten of my food.


No, why would I ask them how they got into my home?
Called it, but I did not see the rule with the stick coming at all.
@KirbyandPokemonFan: Because this world is fun and an adventure!
@Char89: From what I see in the last panel, Willa may have somehow got sliced on her shoulder there. Not sure if that happened before or after she swung her sword. If it was before, it'd be a rule violation.
Even in a situation like this, having the community freaked out about survival isn't good. If you got a reaper mucking about in your presence, what would you even do?
No rest for the dead, no rest for the weak. Katsu ain't two of these things.
Sorry for the long wait! The holidays are finally over and I am not completely swamped at work, my schedule should be normal as of right now. I decided to make a long comic to make up for the missing weekly updates to compensate and catch up.

By next week, the comic's length should be back to normal. See y'all next week!