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No rest for the dead, no rest for the weak. Katsu ain't two of these things.
Sorry for the long wait! The holidays are finally over and I am not completely swamped at work, my schedule should be normal as of right now. I decided to make a long comic to make up for the missing weekly updates to compensate and catch up.

By next week, the comic's length should be back to normal. See y'all next week!
@D-Ranokai: I'm glad to see you're not letting your education get in the way of your ignorance.
@G.B.A : To be fair, we had constantly told him to make sure his text works are readable. His performance shows how thick his cranium is.
Wow, rude! [slaps back]
Looks like this confrontation is heating up.
And here, we have another issue where the panel gets really, really wonky. At first I was planning to make a montage here, but few months later (up to few days ago) I decided it's probably the best to just keep the pace as it is. Despite that, I think I may have exceed the usual numbers to end a chapter and start a new one with. I don't see any end to this chapter until next year, honestly.

But who knows?!

But in the meantime, do enjoy the new weekly update of The Takedown!
What? No, it's spider-man, obviously.
Here, let me steal something from Niv...

"Y'know, I've been sitting here for like, five minutes, trying to figure out what to put in this author comment and I have decided, heck it, I give up, your author comment is me complaining that I don't have anything to put in this author comment." - Aware, Niv, 2017
Why is the white pupper considered as a monster? I want three of them.
@TheHowlingStorm : SHHHHH, we don't speak of its name either.

@Shard : It's a mirable.

@JG : Christ, I don't even know when the last time I emptied it out.
Most of our most horrific creations and ideas are usually scrapped into the recycle bin. God knows what I have in there... it's been years since I had looked into there. Literally years.

Hm, I should really empty it out. Give me a second here.
It's like Heart never moved since the last comic.
This one took me a while to synchronize the flickering between the personas. I did not expect to take me much longer than I aimed it to be. However, I am still glad how it came out. Much better than I expected anyway.

We should be out of this problematic situation very, very soon. But I am curious, what do you guys thinks is going to happen next?
@TheJGamer : I quite frankly don't know what to tell you but it isn't a dimensional crack.

@Shard : Yeah, but the thing is... without the text boxes or the animated section... it didn't even look small at all.
And here we have a bit of a fun thing going on, stay tuned next week for more developments! We'll get out of this really soon, I promise.

Okay, maybe, it depends on your term of "soon."
@gatemaster: Which one's waifu tho. There are so many Randys.