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Oh wow, that escalated quickly.
Sometimes I think Damaru is just as evil as Meowth from Team Rocket.
Sometimes I hate myself when I forced myself to create some sort of wacky, trippy, complicated issue. Let alone having it animated is hard enough, Jesus Christ.
I mean, it's likely gonna happen one way or another.
Not much to read about this time, just an ordinary routine of updating a chapter cover for this week. Stay tuned for a page into a new chapter next week!
@Shard : I have noooooooo idea what you are talking about.
Wow, that actually took forever for us to get to the end of this chapter. The next few ones are going to get very, very interesting. I can promise you that.


Also, if you can't figure out what the hell is going on, you need to start reading children's mystery books to get started.
Yeah, this is going to end soon.
Up to this very day, I still don't get or understand how there was a single surviving engineer on the site after the crash. I mean, I would naturally assume some of them would be wearing safety gear.

Actually, now that I think about it... what sort of safety gear would you be wearing in case of an orbital fall to a crash landing?
@Zoroark: Shit fam, good question. Doubt it'll have one though.
Even when Ket had left Fareville to get away from these consistent bickering and pestering about her personal and love life, it had followed her around. Even in an alternative universe, she was consistently pestered about it. Mostly the author's fault there, but Katsu was involved one or two time. He doesn't got a lot of ammo to rile her up since the tear in the sky.

He pretty much had mellowed out over these months. Can't blame him, walking in the desert for months without any food or water could put you in an entirely different perspective on things.
This totally happened over texts.

No really, it did. I thought it was hilarious and I had to make it.
I sure as hell can't work unless I have food by me or at least a can of caffeinated soda. What's that? Are you saying that caffeine is unhealthy?

Screw you!

I apologize for taking so long. I had to host a bachelor's party last weekend so there were no update from last week. I should've mentioned that in the previous upload. This year is going to be another busy one for me. I have a second bachelor's party to host this year as well. Let alone two weddings I gotta attend.

However, the updates will resume regularly for time being on Sundays.

Enjoy this week's update!
Monologuing doesn't even help either.
Hecking rude as fuck. My voice is really low, MY FRIENDS CAN VOUCH FOR ME.
@Shard: Busy as in....? Because I am pretty sure the last time I saw you online, you were playing Orange Juice.