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Derp. You wasted your life reading this bio.

If you wish to talk to me on Skype, LET ME KNOW.
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No comment for this week. Enjoy the weekly update of The Takedown!
@ClockworkTH: This is never going to stop making me laugh.
No comment this week either, as you are reading this... I am currently on way back home. Have another weekly update of The Takedown!
No comments for this week's update. I am currently busy swimming with fish.
Did you know? Having a complete sentient robot fire energy rounds are not logically possible at all? Not yet, anyway!
Wow, Kumori, so fucking rude. You don't have that much trust in your uncle?
Serves Katsu right for being so fucking rude.
I am still uncertain about what time slot my comic should be updated. However, it will be updated consistently on Sundays at this point.
Phew! Sorry about that! It's been a really long time since we had seen this comic updating eh? It's time to get out of hiatus and begin anew on our whole new year shticks with weekly updates of The Takedown! We'll be picking up from where we left off with Katsu, Kumori, and our favorite android named Gowof!
@Royle McCulloch: No, the earring on her ear. It seems a bit flat and small, it should wave alongside the wind current. I.e. A flag on a windy day.
I'd recommend making that hair tassel of hers wave alongside the wind current as well to make it more clear too
I am Gundam.
See Agia, this is also called Lover's Quarrel even when you two aren't having one. Give it a shot, you fucking nerd.
Look at this fuckin' nerd.
@Smiffy SMF <3: Nah, had enough rest. Gotta get me the limited edition McRib sandwiches, only for $3.99! It's time to act now!
Still a decent schedule to me.
Sorry about being a bit late than usual. A lot of life obligations started to show up and take over my schedule. I am not sure when I'll be able to maintain stable weekly updates. However, I can say this, it'll be updated on Sundays as so far as I know. If I did not update anything, it's mostly because I didn't have time to make a comic.
@TheJGamer: It would definitely get a lot weird than you'd think.