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Derp. You wasted your life reading this bio.

If you wish to talk to me on Skype, LET ME KNOW.
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LADIES AND GENTS, may I introduce you to my favorite character that was completely reinvented at least four to five times? Gowof, G-Sla, and the other three who have not been mentioned yet!
@G.B.A: He can only be defeated with heat vision, my friend.
Oh my fucking god, what is that.
@Starcast99: Not all of us are in University. Some of us actually have to work on a daily basis with our own comic to run too. It's not really easy to run several major comics at once.
@TheJGamer : Do you mean her?
No comment for today.
@Shard : Don't get me wrong, I know there are people out there who backlog on it. I even personally know one person who does that.
You know, sometimes I don't think people actually backlog this story multiple of times. There's a lot of stuff that was laid scattered around at first. Slowly but surely, things are coming together now.

Such as THIS!

Oh wow, that's some real old writing from...

Now, they need to get two things to make this page a wholesome.

Cookies and Kat- ERM. Milk. Yes.
Sorry for not being able to update last week, I burned out from the Prime Week two weeks ago and I had to help out my family the week after that. I did not have time to work on my comics. However, this week, I was able to make one.

Also, here, we also learn that there's a very important missing part of a story that was told YEARS AGO.

I wonder if someone remembers.

No, you don't get to play this game, Niv.
No comment for this week, I have been swamped with having guests at my house since a huge tornado and thunderstorm hit my home state. At least 112k people lost power, geez. It's like the Blizzard of the 2003.
Silverado is no god, he's just a giant ham.
At this point, I'd have a lame but a witty comment.

Turns out, I don't. I was busy making a fight comics for WSE.
They shouldn't have of been fused together in the first place anyway.
Sometimes someone gotta make sacrifices to keep people alive.

At this point, it's also crucial to determine if the dying person wants to live a bit more, even if it meant a few extra years.
What an overdramatic large ham.
Wow Silverado, I didn't know you were a possessive kind of a bitch.
Aaaaaaaaaaand we are back to the main show fellas! How long has it been? Hm, I think it had been a really long...

*Checks the page.*

Yeah okay, it had been a really long four years! Holy shit, it felt a lot longer than that...

For reference.
"The boy needs me now." Is another way of saying he's chickening out. Yep, totally.