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@Shard : Totally hidden behind his long emo-ish bangs.
All of these glorious shitposting
@Shard : He still can be a dick.
Pun totally intended.
I figured it was time to mess around with some sort of panels with some drawings like you often see in these comics. I wanted to demonstrate something like that along these lines. Meanwhile...

You also could see that there is a bit of Jojo in this comic. Goddamn it, I hate myself.
I would like to take a look at this situation that if you were going through some sort of an experience that "should've" killed you while falling into a realm of insanity... you'd probably have a one hundred-eighty degrees change of personality change.

But hey, at least we still see a bit of himself in this issue. I'd be angry if someone is dragging me constantly for hours, probably a whole day.
@Reign of Chaos: Nuh-uh, I actually carried us through a whole chapter for winter special because three of you were lazy! DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME, YOU NEGLECTFUL BASTARD.
@Shard : You know I do this shit all of the time. ;D

@Koren : That's true, and for that, I have all of you to thank for.
@Millia Maxwell : Oh god, that game sucked so badly.
I love it when Meteor usually doesn't take people too seriously when they are this dark or too... as I would put it, "emo". Man, it's been years since I had said that word and that still came out a bit weird. Edgy actually would've been a better replacement than "emo" anyway. Man... these late 90s and early 20s was something.
Been a really long time since we have heard that name. Regrettably, in this case, Kaizuto was right to propose him as an explorer or a scout. He got an excellent survival skills.

Hm, at this point, I have been considering making a comic where I can just write down side plot comics to fill in small gaps.
Says the one without a tongue. At this point, I am just going to say that coffee does not exist in Mikhajilian current delicacies. They don't really exactly have plants that has cocoa beans.

Hell, I don't even remember how Meteor actually got the said beans for coffee while they were stranded on Ruejin. I am going to mark that up for running gag.
As all of you may know, the author for AWARE, The Red Bow Chronicles is undergoing an hiatus with the WST comics lately. We may remember the short hiatus I had undergone about a year or two ago. I am not going to do that again this year. I am going to stick with finishing this comic as a priority. It's been at least five to seven long years and this comic is still ongoing, that's just silly.

Although, I am surprised that I am this devoted to getting it done.
Honestly, we should've seen that coming. That was probably one of the most popular choice in that list within the World Suggestion Box page. Oh well, see y'all again on the next world!
@Shard : Wh- Bu- Wh- But I-
@TheHowlingStorm : Yeah, what he said.
Why won't you disguise yourself before visiting islands!?
@Shard : Sometimes you just swear and not even get bothered by something like that.
Adorb Meta Knight is Adorb.
Ever find yourself talking to nobody but yourself? Once you have a conversation with yourself for few minutes, it almost felt... natural? And then when someone just walks in on you and find yourself talking to yourself.

You just snap out of your trance and realized you have been talking to yourself, the feelings of embarrassment grows in your guts?

Never happened to me. Nope.