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Derp. You wasted your life reading this bio.

If you wish to talk to me on Skype, LET ME KNOW.
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Wow, Lugia is still an ass and he's not even around to see it.
Oh shit, it's Silvena.
For those who didn't know, this issue came from Chapter 3!

Man, how long and far we had come from...
No comment for this week.
And it all began to fall into place...

See you next week!
@Salimus : You worry too much, that's not going to happen.
A bit on the Taloks! Don't underestimate me, I had written at least.... 20 pages on Taloks' abilities, background information, weaknesses, and variations. This is.... JUST THE BEGINNING.
@Salimus: I don't think that's right... according to the plan.
@Salimus: And never once before we had believed a servbot would be this terrifying. And we had learned that we will never underestimate them ever again.
@Shard : With his manly mandibles and photosynthesis.
Sometimes a guy gotta have a snack to resume a long-time running errand.
Down and down came the rain and washed the spider out.
First comment. Take that you weaboos.

Joking aside, what Blair is saying is the truth. Don't ever let anyone tell you what's important. Only you can determine that yourself.

Now I gotta go and determine what's more important; coffee or eggs for breakfast.
No comment for this week. Enjoy the weekly update of The Takedown!
@ClockworkTH: This is never going to stop making me laugh.
No comment this week either, as you are reading this... I am currently on way back home. Have another weekly update of The Takedown!
No comments for this week's update. I am currently busy swimming with fish.
Did you know? Having a complete sentient robot fire energy rounds are not logically possible at all? Not yet, anyway!
Wow, Kumori, so fucking rude. You don't have that much trust in your uncle?
Serves Katsu right for being so fucking rude.