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Silverado is no god, he's just a giant ham.
At this point, I'd have a lame but a witty comment.

Turns out, I don't. I was busy making a fight comics for WSE.
They shouldn't have of been fused together in the first place anyway.
Sometimes someone gotta make sacrifices to keep people alive.

At this point, it's also crucial to determine if the dying person wants to live a bit more, even if it meant a few extra years.
What an overdramatic large ham.
Wow Silverado, I didn't know you were a possessive kind of a bitch.
Aaaaaaaaaaand we are back to the main show fellas! How long has it been? Hm, I think it had been a really long...

*Checks the page.*

Yeah okay, it had been a really long four years! Holy shit, it felt a lot longer than that...

For reference.
"The boy needs me now." Is another way of saying he's chickening out. Yep, totally.
I didn't think I would have to mask another background to match the gloomy settings, but here we are. Honestly, I don't know what I was expecting from myself.
"It was the Taloks all along. It was always about them, always."

- Met, 2013
This is actually based off of a star wars tabletop I have with my buddies and I had to find something to fill my giant blank wall at my house. It's not completely done but it's nearly there! (All it's missing is my signature, really. I oughta get that shit done.)

All of the characters from top to below are the following;
1 - Rinyn (Niv's character)
2 - Kay (One of my friends, MO's character)
3 - Nel (Also other friends of mine, Bee's character)
4 - Atiin (And one of my absolutely favorite, trigger-happy, western cowboy, obscenely loud Mandalorian character, being voiced by your very own... me!)
Casual reminder that Kumori is practically dead and a phantom. Also, another casual reminder, they are not in Fairvale.

Another casual reminder, this is the second and last update for today! Enjoy!
Heya fellas! No, we are not making the updates a bit earlier than usual. We'll be having an extra update today as well. The second update will release at 1 pm EST.

I finally caught up! Whoo!
@RoninHunt0987: It was stated in the previous several comics when this started in author's comments. She had stated that this occurred before her arrival- hence why Ezra and Ket were intercepting him when he was trying to explain himself.
@Shard: What is the name of the flaming fonts, if you don't mind me asking?
Quite sorry about the lateness fellas! I was on a trip and when I came back, my computer decided to crash after the April 2018 update. I originally planned to have TWO comics updated today, however, that's not going to happen. Maybe whenever I get the chance next week before Sunday again.

In the meantime, do enjoy this week's update!
Oh wow, that escalated quickly.